New Resident Evil 5 Screenshots

Some great new shots of Resident Evil 5, featuring the Executioner, some driving sequences, and Sheva and Chris looking on as some dude's head explodes with the sheer awesomeness of Resident Evil 5!

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CrippleH3462d ago

Touched up bullshots.

No jaggies in sight.

kittoo3462d ago

And its a wonderfully optimized engine, and they might be using 2x/4x AA. But they might be a little touched up too....

DNAgent3462d ago

I didn't really like RE4 that much but I am more interested in RE5. RE4 was a good game and I played it all the way through and then went back for the extras but I really like RE5 (especially for the co-op that it will have). The hype for me has been on & off though. I guess the hype will pick up a lot more when it's very close to releasing.

Sena Kobayashi3462d ago

RE4 was one of the greatest game I ever played . But for some sort of weitdreason RE5 looks weird(At the moment) i dont really like the idea of co-op . I really hope we can play without shiva

Im of to another thread with my max speed!!!

dj_funky3462d ago

bullshots or not.. this game is gonna be awesome.

jay23462d ago

Yeah, no Baby Ashly, also you NEED Shiva to do things during the game, you also play as her. Please don't delay it Capcom or worst still, port it to Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.