Sony to charge monthly/yearly fee for MAG?

Candid Anthony from received a survey from Sony Playstation Underground and it seemed to be related to MAG. The survey asked at least 15 questions related to Payment plans for the game. Seems Sony's plan is to charge a yearly or monthly fee, while also one time fees for content downloads. It also mentioned hosting partners being EA, Sony, and Activision. So it turns maybe not all games on PSN are going to be free after all. I wish I would have taken some screen captures of this survey. So Playstation Underground members check your email for a letter called "Short Survey. Big New Game."

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Wildarmsjecht3554d ago

ive been a playstation underground member for a year now. no such email came my way.

Kleptic3554d ago

underground member since 1998, signed up through Pizza-hut like 10 years ago...never recieved an email survey like mentioned, yet get nearly 1 email a day from PS underground...

doesn't mean it didn't happen...but if I do get a survey about it...i'll make it quite clear i'll have no part of paying a subscription fee of any kind for MAG unless you don't have to pay for the game in the first just pay some annual fee or something, and get the game as part of that fee...i'm not spending $60 for the game, then anything on top of it to play it...

RememberThe3573554d ago

I'm reluctant to pay anything for a game called "MAG"...Hopefully it redeems itself in game play.

Kleptic3554d ago

^^ totally agree...ever since it was announced, I have felt that name was absolute beyond cheesy...

alright...we get it...its a game that supports tons of players...just wish that was only the working title...

uie4rhig3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

the release of MAG is at least 1 year away, they don't decide these things this early..

btw, Sony has always said that devs can charge for their online play with their game, but PSN will stay free.. and this guy is talking about EA and Activision, so even if this guy has received this survey, i doubt it was specifically about MAG, i think it was on a general note..

Sitdown3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

"the release of MAG is at least 1 year away, they don't decide these things this early."

First off if the survey is real, not saying that it have to wait a while to get all the results in, then you process the data...and next thing you know, it is almost release I would not necessarily say that this is "early". Especially since this is not making a decision, but looking at possibilities. In addition to that, since when do companies not create a blueprint and map out things early?

godofthunder103554d ago

i don't know if it's true or not.But unlike one person that claimed they don't decide things like this this far away is wrong.the fact is that when a game is being developed they have just about everything decided already.they don't wait to the last year and decide what they are going to do,they decide it before then.
I'm also tired of people complaiming about microsoft charging a online fee.Now they are complaining because sony might charge a fee for some games.the fact is that sony said that every game want be free to play on the psn.
people that complain about paying $50 a year for xbox live or this game just doesn't make any since.the fact is that it cost to keep things running. The people that fussing and that's to cheap to pay to have a good onlinese will just have a free service that isn't worth a sh*t.
I never heard one ps3 fanboy say anything about paying $15 to $20 a month for a mmo game but they are always talking about xbox live because it's $50 a years.They claimed that it should be free because people pay for the net already and mostly because the psn is free.If ps3 fanboys wasn't just saying this because it's on the 360 then they would've been fussing about mmos to but they are not.This prove that they are saying that microsoft shouldn't charge for xbox live and they are ripping people off is because they are bias.
The fact is that sometimes the best thing to do is pay a little fee so you could have a better experience online.I'm not saying anything bad about the ps3,it's a good system but the fact is that xbox live is better then the psn.

Tarasque3554d ago

Absolutely no way i will pay a monthly fee to play a single game online. And there will be a fee, mark my words. Somebody is going to have to pay for servers and it wont be sony or game devs.

Ateanboy3554d ago

Reguardless of whether this article speaks the truth or not, I never expected ALL games on the PSN to be free... Just 99% of them.

And to be completely honest, whenever a really GOOD MMORPG is launched, I WILL be paying the subscription... I payed for two years for Lineage 2, why wouldn't I pay for an MMO on the PS3?

But, like I said, I'm just waiting for that really good MMORPG, cause the ones the have announced so far all look like straight sh*t to me.

That spy game and that Marvel Online game.......I'm not going to buying either one of them, reguardless of whether there's a fee or not.

But NCSoft signed a contract with Sony, and as soon as they come out with something GOOD like Lineage for the PS3, or maybe that new AION game that's looking mad hot, I'll definitely be paying that monthly subscription.

barom3553d ago

They do actually plan for pricing in advance. They do it in order to calculate the costs and how much content will be released and wutnot. I mean pretty much all MMO's know if they're gonna want subscription fee right off the bat or not.

Apart from MMO's there aren't really any subscriptions for games yet. The closest being DLC and that is planned in advance too, so that once the game goes gold (which is usually a 3-4 weeks before release) they can start the work on that and have it ready a bit after launch.

Jake11113553d ago

Why are we concerned??? PSN is free just like PC online gaming. The difference is when you get into large scale online games it will definitely require maintenence.

Anyone remember the popularity of Everquest online? I paid 9 bills a month and loved it!!!

Why is this any different???

If there is an online game this is massive multiplayer and requires a fee for maintainence I will definitely subscribe if it is worth it.

meluvulongtime3553d ago

did anyone get this survey? I didn't and it seems like many others haven't either. Just wondering if such a survey even exists. To me if the game is an MMO then that's fine if they charge a monthly fee for it. Personally if they are talking about MAG I'm not that interested to begin with. Add in a monthly subscription fee for MAG and I'm sure as hell not interested.

Bnet3433553d ago

I don't like these monthly fees just to play one game, I really hope this isn't true.

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Silogon3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Not this guy again. Is this that Toris Davis guy? The guy that just assumes and assumes a lot of $#*T? Give it a rest. I, as many others, are pretty sick of the "$#*T BAG" ... People are talking, man.

As for MGA having a fee to play it monthly, who cares... MMO's do it. Consoles aren't held to any set standard. You all just think they are. I won't be getting MAG anyways cause it just doesn't appeal to me. It's another online shooter and that just has me zero excited.

I wish they'd come up with a great online action game or a beat em' up like Double Dragon. Imagine that. You're in this giant world/city and you go around being the hell out of everyone. Imagine if they even had like gangs and at the start of each game they'd punch your girl in the gut and the 1st person to kick the hell out of everyone got the girl.

that's more interesting than 98% of what we are playing online right now.

TheColbertinator3554d ago

Double Dragon was epic.Thats a good idea you got Silogon

sonarus3554d ago

this doesn't really mean anything. Sony sends out random surveys all the time asking random questions that don't mean anything

I seriously (I hope) mag will not be subscription based unless they plan to sell the game for 60 bucks i am not even going to contemplate a subscription. And a yrly subscription is dumb. How many ppl will play one game for over a yr

Silogon3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

If I had my way or the know how to make an online game or even an outlet this is how it'd go...

Beat em' up. Like Double Dragon, same kind of art style with a neo, post apocalyptic earth stuff. Anyways, you would create your fighter. Man, woman, white, black, latino whatever... Height, weight all that. Then you'd have stats t distribute to your fighter. Then you'd pick a fighting style for your fighter.

the fighting style would represent the kinds of moves you could use initally, but you'd also be able to give your fighter certain special moves. These would be awarded as you got better in the game. As in Warhawk you have a rank, in this game you would have street cred and with that you'd gain other moves and clothes and such to give your fighter/brawler.

Now many would say, it might make it unbalanced for new guys coming in. Well, not really. You would have servers, like warhawk, to keep out the noobs. However, ultimately it would be the noobs fault for not engaging in more fights. The more you fight and the more you win the better you get. Face it, Kimbo Slice didn't get tough by not fighting.

This would be the best online game ever! You could also pick up weapons and stuff and use them too, of course. It's a street brawl after all.

I'd call it "Kiss my converse" no I kid... I do. I'd probably call it "see my finger, see my thumb, see my fist you better run!"

But on a serious note, think about how cool it'd be to make gangs with other fighters you meet online or with your friends and stuff and then go clean house on other gangs and fighters. It'd be incredible, man. Think about me and you playing, you all already hate me from n4g so you call your gang in and clean ass with me. Best game ever! Double teams all of it.

crematory3554d ago

if its really nice game like i saw on the Thriller means it will be best shooter game ever made so no need to buy or rent any FPS or TPS shooter game at least 1 year i have example people still playing warhawk,cod4 after 1 year release

Tacki3554d ago

Wow, Silogon, that sounds like a really awesome idea! I'd love to see a developer pick up on that concept or something similar. Seems like something I'd really want to play!

On topic though, I really doubt Sony will charge for MAG. I could be wrong and we don't really have a ton of information on the game... but as others have said, Sony has these surveys that mean nothing all the time.

Kleptic3554d ago

Double Dragon NES game of all time...end_fact.exe

TheColbertinator3554d ago

"see my finger, see my thumb, see my fist you better run!"

LMAO Sounds epic!Someone should pick up your idea.It sounds better than another MMO dealing with elves and orcs.Customizing your martial art sounds great.

xhi43554d ago

this is the same guy that wrote a whole massive article saying BIOSHOCK WILL NEVER COME OUT ON THE PS3 SHUTUP PS3 FANBOYS..........the next day it was announced Bioshock was coming to the PS3. LOL

juuken3554d ago

You mentioned Double Dragon.

DaTruth3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Bubbles!!! Just reading that was fun.

Homicide3553d ago

Remember when Tordavis said he had Konami sources that MGS4 was going to be announced for the 360 on E3. What happened?

JD_Shadow3553d ago

But this was someone else that wrote this article over there, and this IS his site.

Tor (on his site) was also the guy that began that forever-changing fire that everyone else poured gas on about the GTA4 DLC and what Microsoft's "exclusivity" on the EC's actually meant. And he was also the one (via the site) that said that he got word that Bioshock wasn't going to be ported to the PS3 just days before it was officially announced, and then made 2K Games the scapegoat for the error in judgment when the port was officially announced.

The site has some good people on it (HHG), but it's mostly like Kotaku, just not as mainstream as Kotaku is.

samfk3421d ago

double dragon sounds good but how youll be the hell out of someone is a different matter , maybe by imitating them haaaaa

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CandidAnthony3554d ago

This is not a joke. I swear my reputation on the receipt of this email. Don't rush to judgment before you flame away.

I searched the net for other people that received this email and found a post on confirming what I got.

I'm not the only user that received this.

LeonSKennedy4Life3554d ago

However, this means nothing. We get these all the time and they are just precautionary.

TheHater3554d ago

you have none.

"I wish I would have taken some screen captures of this survey"
you can still take a screen shot of the servey because it save in your mail, unless you deleted it. And if you delete it, it will be in your trash folder.

Eurocar93553d ago

@TheHater, many people already confirmed the email and in this email when you finish the survey it closes and you can't reopen the actual survey but the email is still there.

JD_Shadow3553d ago

...then you really have no excuse NOT to take a screen shot. There is a key called "Print Screen" When you press that, the computer takes a snapshot of your entire screen and whatever's on it. As long as you don't copy anything else beforehand, you can then go into any graphics editor, hit "New File", click "Paste", and WOOLAH!! You got yourself a snapshot of it you can then do what you need to do and save it as an image file to upload (I've used it SEVERAL times. Handy thing to have, actually). Note that the image will be quite large, so you might want to crop only the things you need to verify that it is part of the "survey" and that it is real (like, show the e-mail headers or something like that, so there's no doubt in their minds).

Without proof, you don't really have too much to stand on (sorry).

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TheColbertinator3554d ago

I can see why.It looks expensive to maintain and it looks like it will be subscription based like Huxley and Age of Conan

Silogon3554d ago

I agree, it does look like a game that is going to take massive amounts of matenince to keep up with. This will no doubt cost many man hours and that has to be paid for somehow. When gamers see "cost" they get scared. They hate the "subscription" fee and anything that is attached with it, but they don't really ask themsevles why they're allowed to even play the game.

without these developers the game wouldn't be made. Games don't make themselves. People do and people have to make a living.

Sony is really chewing gun powder with all the cost they are swallowing with the PSN and Home and all of it. They would be right in charging for something.

I hear the Agency was to have a sub fee too, but that might have changed.

TheColbertinator3554d ago

The Agency is actually very low tech.Looks like a 2004 PS2 game to me.I'm betting it will be ad-based funding for the Agency

Tacki3554d ago

I agree that it's not exactly a visually impressive game but... a PS2 title? Mostly cutscenes here but there's some gameplay mixed in around 3/4 through...

If you ask me that doesn't look too bad at all, especially considering it's an MMO. Looks better than something like Team Fortress 2 in my opinion. If you still think it looks like a PS2 title, well that's your right and I'll respect it... but personally I think it looks decent for what it is.

Hockey113554d ago


Pain3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

and few bucks a year for a MMO socom is not a biggy when u get a Job u losers.

How do u think your Moms pay for your XBL?? hooker favors?...

allnighthero3553d ago

One of sonys promises was to have online free. They didnt say this AT E3. Most likely cause if they announced it was P4P people would have been turned off. Nice bait and switch.

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Darkshader3554d ago

Thanks for sharing this info.

Just put in the survey "Not willing to pay" hahaha. If they asked specific question like either monthly or yearly charged ... choose yearly. End of Story :D