Game Informer: Saints Row 2's New Strong Arm Mode Hands-On

GI: "When the Saints Row 2 team began work on the game's multiplayer modes, they took a long, critical look at what they accomplished with the first game and created three new goals for the sequel. Designer James Tsai and producer Roje Smith first set out to better incorporate the content from the single-player mode into the multiplayer action. Next, they wanted to ensure that players would face a constant stream of action, with little or no lulls between encounters. Finally, they decided that Saints Row 2's main multiplayer mode should consist of one megamode incorporating multiple game types rather than splintering the action (and audience) into discrete activities as was done in the past.

How'd they do? I had the opportunity to head over to San Francisco to check out the all new mode, called Strong Arm, and see for myself how successfully they met those goals. Additionally, I was able to play through some of the cooperative storyline and hit the mean streets of Stilwater with a co-conspirator."

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