Game Informer: LittleBigPlanet Beta Hands-On

GI: "I feel good right now. That kind of warm and fuzzy good you usually only get after having a long laugh with a close friend. I can't remember the last time a game – let alone what is essentially a game demo – lifted my mood in such way.

Now…after admitting that I have a LBP afterglow, it would be silly to say that I am anything but smitten with the title. However, I feel that this is one instance where praise is well deserved. Read on to find out what you should expect from this mini-dose of Sackboy and his sickeningly cute fantasy world."

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jwatt3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

I know the game is coming out next month but I want to get into the beta so I can keep on top of things when it comes to making levels not trying to play catch up. I tried a to get a coulple of the beta keys but I have no luck I feel I may give up soon.

ThatCanadianGuy3585d ago

Same here man! Im on PSN 24/7 and yet people i know who are on like a few hours a week are in the HOME beta,socom beta AND LBP beta

So not fair :(

Tacki3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

I've come to the conclusion that there are no beta keys. Media Molecule is pumping out all these videos on youtube and such from their main headquarters. They've even gotten several accounts on N4G to comment on how much they're enjoying the beta. Even craftier... it appears they planned this out well ahead as some members who claim to have beta keys have been coming here for months or even years. They've thought of everything, those evil geniuses at Media Molecule.

Yes, obviously I was joking and am simply telling myself this to make me feel better about not having a key. *sad face*

Ice2ms3585d ago

Your still in with a very big chance with IGN they have a few thousand and they will be sending out invites on monday if you entered the competition like 8 hours ago.

thatCanadianguyisgay3585d ago

man I wish this game would just come out already
i'm 12 years old to.

ThatCanadianGuy3584d ago

lol awww isn't that cute! i have a pathetic stalker.
My guess is its RedZev.He seems semi-obsessed with me.

Fowack3584d ago

I'll protect you from the big bad man!!!

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Jandre023585d ago

Seems like this game is a shoe in for GOTY. Sony really needs to get the word out on this game. I wanna see adds on Nick and cartoon network.

A Sackzilla commercial on those kids channels and a price drop to $299 could change the world, lol.

VF34EJ253585d ago

It has a very good chance at being GOTY. Cause so far there are nothing but positive reviews from anyone who picks it up and play it.

PimpHandStrong3585d ago

Socom beta has turned it around! I had some real fun for a change on it today! Patch did the trick

Sounds like LBP is already a total winner! I can wait for LBP but i needed to get hands on with Socom

PimpHandStrong3585d ago

i have total trust in GI

even thou i do think they give higher scores on average

angry_xbot3585d ago

Where else but on PS3 will you find unique and diverse Triple A titles such as LBP.

Only possible on the PS3.

Flopbox, 3rd60, am doomed.

It sucks to be an XBOT, people!

MAsTeR_STrInGER3585d ago

master stringer will lay down his knowledge on how the 3FIXME is the lesser equiped console of the next generation of consoles. number one GAMES!! WHERE ARE THE GAMES?!! WHTS IN 08? WHATS IN 010? ABSOULUTLY NOTHING it makes me sick to my stoumic to think of buying a worthless junk metal of a so called gaming console when he knows theres absoulutly nothing to play

GiantEnemyLobster3585d ago

I'm keeping my hands OFF that crappy game!!

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