Editorial: Are Easier Games A Bad Thing...Really?

The hardcore have been complaining for years that games are getting easier, and they most certainly are. But PSX Extreme wonders if this is altogether a bad thing, and says gaming is supposed to be FUN. Question is, what kind of fun are you looking for?

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Silogon3733d ago

After playing Megaman 9, hell no! That game is hard on purpose. Intentional cheap for a point, not a cause. That game is absurd and the challenges they have are laughable. Not in a shallow way, just in a "no way in hell anyone is going to pull those off" This game is murder and the prosecution is looking to convict.

I'll take some easy games, they don't bother me none. I think dying and challenge is great, but not when they are cheap. If they are done with quality, yeah I am all for difficult games. If they're done cheaply and just a lack of programming. No.

TheColbertinator3733d ago

Games are getting too easy.Shooters these days hold your hands with health regeneration and too much ammo.Doom 2 and Duke Nukem were fun because they were very tough.

But some games are sticking to the roots like Mega Man 9,Ninja Gaiden 2,and Uncharted on Crushing difficulty