GameDaily: wipEout HD Review

Owning a PlayStation 3 just got more attractive, thanks to the release of wipEout HD. Sony's fast-paced and futuristic racer has everything you'd want after dropping $400 on that shiny new console: speed, gorgeous visuals and online play, all for a wallet friendly $20 price.

WipEout HD's graphics are its biggest selling feature. Sony took eight tracks from its PSP WipEout games, Pulse and Pure, and gave them a marvelous facelift using the PS3's advanced technology, bathing each track in 1080p high definition goodness. Environments that look impressive on the handheld are three times as beautiful stretched across an HDTV, with underground pathways bursting with fluorescent light, sweet-looking explosions, realistic sun glare and plenty of twists and turns. Eventually, you'll want to progress through the story mode and rack up gold medals, but sometimes, you'll find yourself soaking in this game's magnificence, unaware that you just slipped to last place. It's that amazing.

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sonarus3432d ago

sigh...i wish i could play the game:( and not get my ps3 frozen:(

Rick Astley3432d ago

Is your PS3 screwed up? My friends and I have been playing WipEout HD nonstop and I haven't run into any problems at all. Everything is perfect.

mfwahwah3431d ago

If it's the friend list problem, then there is an obvious and easy solution until a patch is released. And no, it's not deleting your friend list.

HB-Sauce3432d ago

Wow, really impressed on the scores its getting (80-90% region). Really big sleeper hit I must say.

dj_funky3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

this game is probably the best game i've played and bought in awhile... well worth 20 bucks. the custom soundtrack makes the game 10x better.

monkey nuts3432d ago

since it hit on the ps1.Pretty much played every game, but this one just reinvigourates the series. I just can't get enough of it.
@ sonarus: Sorry to here about your problems playing the game, I read somewhere that if you were having issues, signing out of the psn would sort it out. I'm sure you've probably tried this already though so ....

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