New Castlevania Judgement Trailer Reveals New Character

A new Castlevania Judgement trailer reveals a new character: Aeon.

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hardmetal3558d ago

If I'm correct, he will be related somehow to St. Germain ( CV: Curse of Darkness )who can travel through time.

ChickeyCantor3558d ago

But he doesn't have a mustache! XD

Hope this game is fun.

kesvalk3558d ago

Sorry sidar, but i don't think you should give it much hope...

it's a lot like a gay party, but with swords...

OBS: gay parties already have whips...

ChickeyCantor3558d ago

But gay parties are in!!!

Dude, if the same creator behind SoTN is making this game im not turning my back on it yet.

I'm just not that homophobic =D XD
I'm more interested in the gameplay it self.

sumfood4u3557d ago

Wheres my Favorite Hero Soma Cruz?
AOS & DOS Aira of Sorrow & Dawn of Sorrow!
Enemy skills FTW!

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Allowen3557d ago

I am preaty sure it will be more fun then the fighting Final Fantasy game that is coming to the PSP. Both are fighting games and this Castlevania is also looking more beautifull.

wessly3557d ago

But this game looks like feces. It may turn out to be a barrel of fun but., Damn! any one seen lords of shadows? from konami too? if not castlevania fans should keep a close eye on it this game, I have a feeling "Lords of Shadows" is just a sub tittle for Castlevania: Lords of Shadows for the PS3 & 360. If you haven't seen the trailer for it you should Definitely check it out it's bananas.