GameSpy: Warhammer Online Review

In the end, though, all of the problems, even the most serious one of lag in heavy player combat, are ultimately fixable. Warhammer Online has had the smoothest, most complete MMO launch GameSpy has ever seen. Game balance and other elements of the game need tweaking but they're all there, they all work and most importantly, they're all fun. This is a game that has 20 separate classes and while some may be overpowered or underpowered, none of them are boring to play.

The game comes loaded with PvP and PvE content that -- balance issues notwithstanding -- is as good as or much better than that of any other MMO on the market. Warhammer Online is the next great game of Player vs. Player and Realm vs. Realm content and GameSpy has the feeling that somewhere on the other side of reality, the Chaos god Tzeentch is smiling.

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