SuperGrafx Coming to Japanese Virtual Console.

Nintendo of Japan is adding the SuperGrafx to the Virtual Console. A little background;the SuperGrafx was a variation of the standard PC-Engine (TurboGrafix-16 in the US) It had a...

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vidgmr3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Although this will most likely not come to the US, it is still cool for completeness of the PC-engine/CD/Duo/Super line from NEC/Hudson on the VC.

N4g_null3527d ago

What is funny is the PS3 reminds me so much of this machine yet these guys never had a chance LOL. The ghoul and ghost port is very different though. Makes me wonder why you don't see lots of capcom games on a neo geo?

If only these guys had another gimmick to help them sell this box. Man is the game market cruel LOL.

jofra013525d ago

This sadly only had several titles released for it.