Wipeout HD Freezing Issues & Temporary Fix

GamersPlatform Reports: "A lot of people who downloaded Wipeout HD that was just released on the Playstation Network this week has been experiencing random lock-ups that will really freeze your Playstation 3 real bad..."

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Cwalat3554d ago

I've had zero issues with mine,
never got a single freeze... :O

fafoon3554d ago

Run's and Looks Fantastic

buckethead_X3553d ago

This game has fantastic art, and the graphics make me feel like eating pancakes. That's how good they are. And dang, that 60 fps looks amazing. Add trophies, online play, custom soundtrack (even though the one on there is awesome), 5.1 surround sound, and a $20 price tag to that, and there's no reason for someone not to get this game :D
psn = buckethead_x

DARKTRINITYxxx3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Ive had no probs either. I DL the big install first then the little install second. Running it on a 40g ps3 with firmware 2.42 running on hd 720p whilst signed into my psn account. Mind you my friends list is quite low and below 50 wich seems to be confirmed now as the problem.

DARKTRINITYxxx3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

LOL i gave you an agree buckethead as someone seems to of given you a disagree for ure comment. Someone either has no taste in games or they wasnt a PS3 owner :)

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