Yahoo: LittleBigPlanet turns gamers into creators

John Gaudiosi writes: "A new videogame allows players to conjure up their own design ideas and create playable content that can be uploaded and shared.

And gamers can do it from the privacy of their own home with Sony Computer Entertainment America's LittleBigPlanet."

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Bots Of A Feather Fl3733d ago

But I thought "playstation 3 is in trouble",what happened?Realized you needed our hits,thus now have to suck our c0cks because we have a potential GOTY on our hands and can bring you traffic?

Bots Of A Feather Fl3733d ago

Little Big Planet will change gaming forever,google will change the internet forever.

Yahoo will be on the sidelines doing nothing.

Allowen3733d ago

I still did not get it .How this game can attract so many harcore gamers when it is obivious an occasional game.

I think it can be really boring making fun looking lvs but the challange to play on this lvs will be very low without some king of bosses,time limit or collecting items.

I got a Ps3 but I think this game no way will be on the same hard lv that is to play a real plataform game like New Super Mario on the Ds for exemple.

Tacki3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

You can make your own bosses, set time limits (I believe), and create items for others to collect. As for the difficulty... I've heard and seen that the game can be very unforgiving should you choose to make it that way. You have to be precise with your jumps.

You assume it's a 'casual' game, and it can be, but it's really whatever you make it. It has that casual look and appeal but there's more depth to the level creation than probably most casual players will get into. That's the beauty of it. It bridges that gap between the hardcore and casual crowd. It has the family-friendly look and appeal and the ability to just let you jump in and goof off, slapping your friends till your heart's content and competing for bubbles... but there's so much more behind that. It's really more than just a game. It's a plane of artistic endeavor. A realm in which you can allow your imagination to run wild and even expand it at the same time. This is why it attracts the hardcore gamers. For everything under the surface. Knowing that we've seen but a small portion of the possibilities within. The limits of the game are almost fully dependent on the limits of your mind.

What Media Molecule has created is really something special. It's very rare to see something this new and fresh. Sprinkled with more charm than you can shake a sack at!

Baba19063733d ago

haha the lvls can be as hard as you want them to be. you can make puzzels that only eisntein can solve and they can have a deep story like the best novelist would wright. there is no limit to what you do. just your imagination. i have seen some stuff that is just amazing. as time passes more and more hardcore stuff will appear. it doies take some time to make the lvls.