1UP: Wipeout HD Review

What's offered here is significant -- and wouldn't have seemed out of place ensconced in a clear plastic box on store shelves. That it's available to anyone with a broadband connection for an extremely reasonable price point instantly places Wipeout HD in the must-buy/must-have category for anyone who considers themselves a fan of high-quality, high-speed, white-knuckle racing.

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Homicide3400d ago

This game has gotten lots of great reviews and positive feedback from people who played it. I'm getting this when the PSN cards hit the stores soon.

shysun3400d ago

Yes it is! Hit me up Shysun=psn

iceman28853400d ago

I usually don't get into racing games. But it was a reasonable price so I gave it the dl.

Needless to say I've played the game about 3 times since yesterday when I got it, and every time turned into a 3 hour session where I was trying to get all the gold medal for a stage/event in the campaign mode. It just sucks my time up without me even knowing it while I'm having a good time. That is my definition of a good game.

sonarus3400d ago

I just wish it didn't freeze my ps3

barom3400d ago

Haven't played a wipeout since PS1. I remember it was very fast paced, so much that I very often crashed into walls. Is it still kinda like that?

I'm kinda in for more relaxing games nowadayz, so I was wondering if you still need to be very focused when racing.

shysun3400d ago

I've played a crap load of games and not one crash(check your connections).

To Barom, you can turn on Driver assist and you'll barely ever touch a wall.It's the best Wipeout ever!

sonarus3400d ago

the game crashing has nothing to do with my connection. As soon as i push x to select anything in the main menu it freezes up. I can fix this by playing on an alternate account or by signing off psn...but apparently, for some reason wipeout hd won't let me play the way i want to play

I have played some races though gotten a few trophies and the game is simply superb

yanikins1113399d ago

anyone bitten yet sonarus?

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GiantEnemyLobster3400d ago

Totally froze up his system, had to send it in to Sony for repairs. What a piece of junk. What kind of system can't even DOWNLOAD a game properly? Seriously.

GiantEnemyLobster3400d ago

I'd rather play Big Rigs over the road racing than this piece of junk game.

TheColbertinator3400d ago


I miss Giant Enemy Crab.He's actually a lot smarter than the 360 trolls in the open zone and he has good points

Harry1903400d ago

best username I have ever seen on this site.

GiantEnemyLobster3400d ago

Everyone knows that the claws of a Lobster are superior to that of a Crab. If Sony actually had ANY sense at all, they'd make the boss a Giant enemy LOBSTER, since you know, it would be tougher to kill than some crab. But I guess Sony doesn't know how to do anything right.. (just look at the PS3, LOL!)

Microsoft_Spokesman3400d ago

Guys, bots love attention just ignore them.

LarVanian3400d ago

You know I never thought I'd see a GiantEnenmyCrab wannabe in my lifetime.

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cahill3400d ago

for an incredible game

shysun3400d ago

Funny how Gamespot gave it a 7.5lol those guys are so out of touch.

TheColbertinator3400d ago

No that was Gamespot UK.Gamespot US has not yet submitted a review,I think

shysun3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

They have that score posted @ us Gamespot, I don't think they're(USGS) going to review it.

plain rice3400d ago

This is my first Wipeout game. Loving it so far.

ruibing3400d ago

1UP: "When Wipeout HD was first revealed, a lot of folks -- for better or worse -- assumed it'd just be an amalgamation of the two PSP entries, the aforementioned Pulse and Wipeout Pure, but with tweaked, high-definition graphics. After an extensive look under the hood of this magnificent beast, though, it's apparent that the fruits of SCE Studio Liverpool's labor equate to so much more."

Gamespot: "Wipeout HD is a compilation of PSP games running in high definition, and while it looks considerably better for the visual upgrade, there's little new for fans of the series to sink their teeth into."

Did gamespot really play the game?

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