Valkyria Chronicles Demo coming to Qore

Sega has just recently announced a new video of Valkyria Chronicles as well as (the more exciting news) a playable demo coming to Qore on October 9th. This is fantastic news for those of us who are anticipating the game and just aren't patient enough for the full release. Hopefully this gives this gets more people excited for the game who perhaps would not have thought to try it without a demo.

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Homicide3582d ago

This is awesome. I wished for a demo a few months ago, and it's coming. Sucks that I don't have Qore :(

mfwahwah3581d ago

I get Qore for free through PtoM :D It's a bit late, but I can't complain :P

ThatCanadianGuy3582d ago

NICE! I was going to buy this game day 1 anyways..But i wont say no to a demo :D

The gaming GOD3582d ago

And not some ordinary smile either. I'm talking about one of those "grinch that stole christmas" smiles.

Raoh3582d ago

woo hoo

cant wait.. didnt think i was getting a demo, was going to buy it anyway.. japan had good reviews already

DARKTRINITYxxx3582d ago

Was gonna pick this up day one its my kinda game and its got good reviews over in japan so demo or no demo its a buy for me anyways.

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