Say goodbye to Sarcastic Gamer…

…for the weekend. We finally sold enough combos to move this website to a much more reliable server that doesn't require some users to sit and wait for endless DNS resolution.

This means that shortly, we'll be closing the forums and the ridiculous process of moving about .2 million posts and more than 2500 articles will begin.

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Silogon3432d ago

Ummmm, yeah??? G'bye guy I've never heard of before in my life.

Montrealien3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Well, if you would stop posting nothing but negative comments on N4G whenever your mom let's you get on the puter, you would probably be aware of them.

on topic : This news title scared me, I love Sarcastic gamer, good to see that they're moving on up, :D Great podcast to, I recommend it to anyone that likes podcasts.

uie4rhig3432d ago

i read that they're only going for the week to upgrade the server <_<


Kratos Spartan3432d ago

Goodbye. Later. See ya. After while. Holla at you. Peace. One.

NeonSkull3432d ago

and lono is wierd

Montrealien3432d ago

hehe, Lono is from Chicago.