Is Forza Horizon 3's Surfers Paradise finally playable in 60fps? Yes, yes it is

DSOGaming writes: "A few hours ago, Turn 10 released a new performance PC patch for Forza Horizon 3. As you may have guessed, we immediately tested the Surfers Paradise area; an area that suffered from major optimization issues. And we are happy to report that the game can now run with a stable 60fps experience even in that area."

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XiNatsuDragnel79d ago

Best version in my opinion on the PC, Xbox has no exclusives not Microsoft.

4Sh0w78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

pffft, Whatever, its not playable on any other console, which I and millions of others prefer to do their gaming but you're just looking for anything to fan the fanboy flames....I welcome my fellow pc players to enjoy this gem, the more the better.

btw, The new Hot Wheels expansion is fire! My racing wheel is going to log some serious hours this week. -horizon-3-hot-wheels-livestrea m/2300-6438618/

christocolus78d ago

"The new Hot Wheels expansion is fire! My racing wheel is going to log some serious hours this week"

Already downloading it as I type this. Cant wait to get in.

itsmebryan78d ago

Me too. I can finally pull out my Fanetec Forza 3 wheel.

Neonridr78d ago

still a console exclusive. Not everyone who games on consoles has access to a gaming PC. And Microsoft still makes money whichever version you buy. Coupled with the fact that multiplayer supports PC and Xbox users together. Just opening up another revenue stream.

ocelot0778d ago

It's a good job people have a choice. As for the Microsoft still makes money what ever way. That is not entirely true all of the time. I also don't get why people use the term console exclusive. Noting exclusive about it am afraid. If a game is available on more than 1 platform then it's simply not exclusive what ever way you try and put it.

Same with Nier it's available on PC and PS4 noting exclusive other than some DLC skins. Last of us is not a PS4 exclusive as it's available on PS3 and PS Now ect.

bluefox75578d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Sure, but people have a choice. If they do have a gaming PC, they don't have to ever buy an Xbox. This is a good thing mind you, it is a huge benefit to people like me.

Rippcity78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

@bluefox not true. The only games available on both are the MS play anywhere titles. All of the third party exclusives that live on Xbox are still Xbox one exclusives unless the devs decide to make it play anywhere.

Neonridr78d ago

@bluefox755 - absolutely correct. But MS still makes money off of you when you buy the game off the Windows Store or wherever you get it from.

Raiden77d ago

$110billion profit lol, you go Xbox.

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slavish078d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Damn u troll hard. U don't even like m$ why talk so much about them? You already stated they couldn't do anything to satisfy whats your point?

shloobmm378d ago

His ex girlfriend said those same things about him

TheUndertaker8578d ago

To be a tool and waste time trolling news topics while claiming to game yet wasting 24/7 following Xbox articles in particular.

To increase their tiny e-peen and act like the world revolves around the non-factual information they choose to put out.

To escape the reality they don't have anything more worthwhile at home.

Lack of social interactions in the real world.

Aiming to justify that purchase that's getting ever harder to justify.

Take your pick or mix and match. 🙂

XiNatsuDragnel78d ago

Lol 😂😂😂 man you people can't take a joke

slavish078d ago

Most people just call it trolling tbh

shloobmm378d ago

They make it easy to troll by being far and away the most consumer friendly console maker on the market?

spicelicka78d ago

It has a lot of inclusives.

Love it when we argue about technicalities.

XanderZane78d ago

Best version will be Scorpio with HDR support. Most of the XB1 games are seriously faulty on PC. This is just a small example of the many problems XB1 games have to deal with when they try to run on PC platform. I play all my XB1 games where they were meant to be played. On the XBox One. Hopefully Phil will just make new exclusive games for PC and keep all the XB1 exclusives on the XB1 where they belong.

timotim78d ago

You understand that the PC and Xbox One SHARE the same game right? The PC version is the Xbox Play Anywhere Xbox One digital version...just with more options exposed. They will patch it for Scorpio and all three (Windows 10, Scorpio and X1) will play the same game. So yes, Xbox does have exclusives.

2cents78d ago

It is sad that you have to trowl though every pending Xbox article to lay a fat steaming dump of a first comment.

Seeing you comment on every Xbox article is becoming tedious and pathetic. There have been many before you and there will be many after. Why not pass the torch on to someone else and recover from your dopamine addiction for a while.

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mcstorm77d ago

For me t10 and pg are the 2 development teams other racing developers should be looking up to. Forza 6 and horizon 3 for me are the 2 racing games to beat so far this gen.

Fishy Fingers78d ago

Haven't played it in a few weeks, but always dropped 10-15 frames in that area so good to know that shouldn't be the case in future. Such an excellent game and that was one of its few issues.

ocelot0778d ago

Got my GTX 1080 ti yesterday. This was one of the first games I tried. I previously had an RX 480 8GB. Amazing card great for the money. But the game didn't run all that well on that card. Was not the rx 480s fault as it was known this game was unoptimized. But I could still play at 50/60fps with a few settings turned down and at 1080p.

Not touched the game in a few months. But as soon as I got my 1080 ti yesterday I loaded this up. It automatically optimized to my systems strength. Auto set me to to 4K ultra settings. Boom solid 60FPS had a look to see the fps with frames unlocked and was getting between 75-85fps. Amazing will be getting back into this game.

ONESHOTV278d ago

nice, what model did you get? 1080ti that is

ocelot0778d ago

MSI Gaming X. I always buy MSI when it comes GPU's. Was that or the Armor edition. Was only £10 difference between the 2 so I just went with the Gaming X due to the better cooler.

kevnb78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

50/60 fps at 1080p with a few settings turned down on a 480 isnt bad at all, it seems with this new patch it would be even better. Its not that surprising improvements are being made since uwp games are still fairly new.

ocelot0778d ago

Agreed however I do think Horizon 3 on PC was very unoptimized for the first few months. Forza 6 Apex on PC was great and very well optimized. In fact I think I even managed to play that at 4K with a solid 60FPS with high settings on a single RX 480.

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