IGN: On the DLC: Come Get Some Content

There's a bit of something for everyone on Xbox Live this week, unless you're into obscure Swedish 1970s cinema, in which case IGN can't help you. But if you're a Rock Band fan with money to burn, there's some good stuff to be found at the virtual record store. And Halo 3 fans who've burned out and put aside the disk in recent months will surely find more than one reason to step back into Master Chief's armor.

And if you've been dying for some retro PC first-person shooter action, Microsoft and 3D Realms have just the cure for what ails you. This week, the Duke himself visits his special brand of destruction upon XBLA, reminding gamers young and old how shooters used to be.

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Cajun Chicken3731d ago

Duke 3D is great, I love the rewind and play-from-that-point feature. One of the best ported games on XBLA so far.
Its just a shame it was a 'classic' port. They should of really made a few things more Hi-Res and recomposed the music as the midi sounds sort of cheesy and take a few tips from EDuke's HRP.

A sign of 'Forever to turn up soon, though.
Can't wait to hear the epic version of Grabbag in DNF though.