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Killjoy30003554d ago

A success? I most definitely agree.

maggotmx3553d ago

man that dude needs to be thinking about adding sum trophys to mgs4 =D

Silogon3554d ago

I always wonder what matters more to Kojima units sold or hardware sold. See, MGS4 has sold some 4 million units now, but it really, in all honesty, didn't move a lot of Ps3's. Ps3 is sitting at 15.6 million units sold world wide right now, maybe 16 if you wanna get generious about it.

Now, is Sony happy with the games success or are they disappointed that it didn't move a lot of hardware? Is Kojima happy with the games success or is he disappointed in it?

I'd like to know this, cause a lot of moronic sites like Kotaku don't look at the otherside of the coin here. They assume MGS4 did bad overall cause it didn't move hardware; when it did really well as far as sales for software goes.

shine13963554d ago

oh I think its moved consoles...It really has.

DarkBlood3554d ago

oh it sure has this game is awsome im on act 5 and damn its good very what you would say heartwarming or something just like metal gear solid twin snakes too bad they couldn't use the gamecube remake snake camoflag i believe its called because its exclusive to nintendo but the playstation face looks werid lol

tharealest3553d ago

MGS4, a masterpiece that trumps everything the competition has to offer.