Assassin's Creed Origins screenshot confirms return of much-loved gameplay feature

From PlayStation Universe: "The first Assassin's Creed Origins screenshot leak is with us, and it seems to confirm that a much-loved gameplay feature is making a comeback. Check out the first image of the new Assassin's Creed game in action!"

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Relientk77585d ago

I can't wait for the E3 reveal and see the Ancient Egypt setting

UCForce585d ago

Also, if I remember correctly, this new game going to make by AC 4 team.

-Foxtrot584d ago

Black Flags was great but felt nothing like an AC game

Mykky584d ago

Imo that's the reason it was so good.

dumahim584d ago


I buy Assassin's Creed to be an assassin, not a pirate.

solideagle585d ago

I thought this series was on break? am i wrong?

ocelot07585d ago

It took a year off (2016).

KTF26585d ago

Syndicate released 2015
now we are in 2017
there wasn't main entry in 2016

585d ago
solideagle584d ago

cheers for clarification...time flies eh :p

Seraphim584d ago

yeah they took 2016 off so people would watch their crappy Movie & not confuse a game released that year for a movie based title.

Sevir584d ago

We got a collection.... They didn't take a break... Lol.

RommyReigns584d ago


And Assassins Creed 2 remaster looked like it was rushed out

IamTylerDurden1584d ago

solideagle has a point, a yr off, is that really a break?

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AspiringProGenji585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

Sly cooper 3 doesn't get enough credit for that Naval Combat Sucker Punch introduced. Most believed it was something fresh and new when Ass Greed 3 did it, while I was just feeling nostalgic.

FullmetalRoyale585d ago

Funny, I went back and platinumed the Sly Collection well after platinuming Black Flag, and I thought something similar as well. Now, Black Flag did it better, but I was surprised how fun it was in Sly 3. Things like boarding enemy ships, the shanties, and the upgrade system of Black Flag send it way above Sly, for me.

mixelon584d ago

There really wasn't anything all that unique about the gameplay, the only thing these games brought was the transition from platforming to boating/piloting with the same character... It's entirely likely they came up with it separately without ever playing or knowing about the similar thing in Sly.

What I'd like to see is something like mass effect with less rpging and with a smaller, firefly-ish sized ship you can pilot in the same way.. 😊

GreetingsfromCanada585d ago

Geeez, people are getting way ahead of themselves. Take a close look at that BOAT, it'll mainly be for transport. Fighting may be possible, but not in scale, capacity or style it was in previous games.

LoveSpuds585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

Agreed, I don't see anything here that suggests there is a naval combat as per Blackflag. While piracy was a huge problem in this period of history, it was all about archery and boarding vessels and I don't see how that can translate into fun gameplay compared to the combat in Blackflag.

Mr-Dude584d ago

Yup, there weren't cannons or firearms in ancient egypt :p
Or they making a sci-fi game..

FullmetalRoyale585d ago

It's a bit disappointing for me, because I basically want Black Flag 2. But seeing this, I look at as a positive. I now know to keep my expectations in check, and to actually look and see what they present, as opposed to wanting to see something specific.


You may be right. The insider says there will be a "pinch" of Black Flag. Naval combat might not be the focus here. I think Ubisoft will surprise everyone by announcing some sort of standalone pirate expansion. That's what gamers have been asking for.

Elda584d ago

I hope you're right about it only having a pinch of naval combat that part in BF was so annoying..imo it just wasn't fun.

thejigisup585d ago

true, when i think egypt, i dont think of big naval battles. Though there is still potential i wont count it out just yet.

_-EDMIX-_584d ago

Well Egypt had a Deep River and Canal system along with many ports.

People don't think about Egypt as a huge water way simply because they're thinking of what they know of Egypt as today not what it was before.

rainslacker584d ago (Edited 584d ago )

Ships weren't on the same scale as they had during the Black flag era....massive deep sea sailing ships....but they did indeed have naval combat. It was different than cannons and boarding like you saw in Black flag, but they had ships large enough to stage attacks on other ships, as well as against land based targets. But most of the ships were used for transporting soldiers to their targets.

While I'm not really familiar with the overall naval capabilities of the time, and I can't recall there ever being any large scale naval battles recorded in history, they most certainly had enough territory with water access to warrant having a fleet. The Nile is massive, and ancient Egypt's kingdom extended well beyond the country of Egypt into various seas and oceans.

_-EDMIX-_584d ago

How do you know that's the only boat in the game?

I mean did you just literally assume that the screenshot confirm that was the only boat you're ever going to be in the whole entire game?

RabbitFly584d ago

Dude.. The point he is making is that the article assumes naval combat out of the screenshot. Which, considering the boat, is much more ludicrous than assuming nothing until proven otherwise.

_-EDMIX-_584d ago

@Rabbit- Not really bud.

They could be assuming Naval combat simply seeing ANY BOAT AT ALL! Its saying BOATS (PLURAL) is a concept in the game, its not that hard to come to the conclusion of a return to other features in past games. In fact its sorta the default of what to expect.

That is like saying you saw a Red Dead 2 screen shot of a character riding a baby horse and assuming the game will have NO COMBAT on ANY horses based on the EXACT horse shown in the screenshot.

THINK! Even for a little, THINK!

They might mean it based on the existence of boats, NOT based on that exact boat you see. It is a fair assumption.

LoveSpuds584d ago


Actually, piracy was more of an issue in the Mediterranean Sea rather than on the Nile itself, with the various sea people's from the likes of the Hittites, Persians and even pirates from Crete and Greece roaming the coasts attacking ships and coastal towns.

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starchild584d ago

I'm really liking what I'm hearing about this game. I can't wait to see it when they announce it.

Blu3_Berry585d ago (Edited 585d ago )

This will definitely be the highlight and main focus for Ubisoft this upcoming e3. Curious to see how the series have evolved since they got a bit more time to work on it.