Far Cry 2: New Gameplay

Pyra gets the dirt on the Jackal and what it's really like to fire an AK.

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Killjoy30003644d ago

I have to say, I passed judgement rather quickly. This game looks fantastic. Too bad I won't have nearly enough cash to pick this up though. Too many games. (For Playstation 3)

peowpeow3644d ago

I have been hyped for this game since the first trailer showing day and night cycle and animals.

Erotic Sheep3644d ago

I'm hyped like hell for this game. However this video didn't have that much gameplay.. just mostly watching a guy orgasm to some sound system O.o

hunter213644d ago

well i think you should change the title cause its just an interview.

yesah3643d ago

wtf that interviewer lady was ugly as sh!t i dont wanna watch this.