10 overrated gadgets, and their better alternatives

By Darren Gladstone:

"What's hype and what's been overlooked
More than two years after their debut, Wiis are still tough to find in stores. In that time, Nintendo has released just enough great games (and non-games like Wii Fit) to tease gamers. Nintendo continues to develop new peripherals such as the WiiSpeak speakerphone attachment (coming this autumn), but the company says that only a handful of marquee titles will appear by the end of 2008.

In contrast, Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) continues to gain unique titles and cool features - if you have a Wi-Fi connection (having a PlayStation 3 doesn't hurt either). Now in its second generation, the PSP offers Skype, internet radio, the ability to upload movies from a PS3 directly to your handheld, and downloadable translation travel packs. Plus, you can play games remotely and view content stored on your PlayStation 3 over a Wi-Fi network".

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UNCyrus3585d ago

I definitely agree that the PSP is underrated... however, Sony keeps pumping support into it... It won't die any time soon

RoidRage3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Ps3 should be on that list as over-rated. $600 launch, consistently outperformed by a lower priced console, and one AAA exclusive in two years doesn't match up with the hype sony and it's marketing minions spew.

TheColbertinator3585d ago


Chill out.This isn't a console comparison article.No reason to grab the attention of PS3 fanboys.

games4fun3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

360 is my overrated console choice laggy p2p 50$ a month on top of a defunct(rrod) console not to mention the overcharged hdd and wifi componets and the only bragging the console has done all year is talk about games that are also on the ps3 with no AAA esclusives this year so far(AAA does matter because i'm a douche like that). This doesnt match up with the "lower priced console" (which ends up not being lower priced in the long run.) that the hype msoft and its minions portray.

see how easy it is to type the reverse bs of someone elses bs?

LeonSKennedy4Life3585d ago

PS3 overrated?

The media has been hating on it since November 17th, 2006: A day that will live in infamy.

If anything, the Wii is overrated...with the original Xbox not too far behind it.

The same goes for Live. The PSN has the same features...most now even feel like it's more open...more accessible.

TheTimeDoctor3585d ago

if you can't afford a $600 console, complaining about anything to do with video games is the least of your problems. i wipe my ass with 600 dollars.

TheDude2dot03584d ago

What's the point of all these articles that say what is overrated and what is the worst of all time. That is the least productive thing you can make, other than having a fanboy write a rant and then submit it as news.

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GiantEnemyLobster3585d ago

Very overrated. I hear that it sucks so much, people out there actually MOD it up to make it better, LOL! Sony can't make it good enough so people have to make it better for them. Sad.

TheColbertinator3585d ago


The article says the PSP is underrated not overrated.It is contrasted to the Nintendo Wii which is overrated.

Harry1903585d ago

is that you base your opinion on hearsay. the problem with the PSP is that it does not have enough games to give it a real identity. There are a few bit not enough. Homebrew for my part is what makes it great since it turns this powerful handheld into the ultimate retro games console.

Freezingduck3585d ago

can't read, illiterate retard lol

GiantEnemyLobster3585d ago

If you actually had half a brain you'd know I was correcting the article based on the fact of the matter.

3585d ago
Rageanitus3585d ago

you just contradicted yourself..... the psp is so versatile you can mod it if you want making it a nice device.

Do you know what is overated many of the xbox games.... but hey its many of the trolls like you who make the games seem better than it really is.

I.e. halo 3.... crap graphics and no evolution in the gameplay
Bioshock... the hype actually made me purhcase on the pc for 30 dollars after finishing it.... i felt kindov ripped I much prefered playing deusex one years back
Gears of war.... gr8 game but one cant help but notice that xbox fans made it seem like it was the next coming of christ.

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dirtrider3585d ago

you pay 50 bones a MONTH for live? wow dude you have to be microsofts best fan............

games4fun3585d ago

thanks for pointing out that mistake i meant to say a year, too bad the edit system wont help me out :(

i dont know why people disagreed with you i would be their number 1 fan if i was delusional enough to pay that much lol

slinkey1233585d ago

games4fun lol i was just about to point out your mistake too :P. Its not laggy though, well some games are but thats the hosts fault. But lol have you played vegas and vegas 2 on PSN? Most of the games are seriously laggy its unplayable! But still i cant complain because its free and most games work perfectly online. :)

LKane3585d ago

Vista is underrated? I think it's crap for a reason

Ballistic Jay3585d ago

this list is stupid, all they do is take something popular and say its overrated; then say a less popular version is underrated.

iPirates3585d ago

this article fails. The guy probably just read a magazine promoting todays popular gadgets, then hated on them in the article.

iTunes? You don't even have to buy their music, you can import music just like any other program. And i'm pretty sure there's a lot more full querty devices out there (blackberries for example) than there are touch screen phones. Touch screen just recently became popular.

razorbladelight3585d ago

here's my list....

SNES: overrated; Neo GEO: underrated:

SNES because it sold millions
Neo Geo didn't sell enough

And also, I knew some jerk was going to start bashing on consoles even though this article has nothing to do with consoles. Another thing, the comparison to wii and psp is really off... shouldn't it be psp to ds or some other handheld?

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