The 10 best time-wasting websites

By Yardena Arar:
"Home of DesktopTower Defense, GemCraft, Sonny, and other free games, Kongregate has good community features, too. If you're willing to pay, visit Big Fish Games, one of the largest of the casual game sites on the web. You can spend hours there just checking out the vast array of 60-minute free demos".

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Syko3308d ago

No N4G..? This article is FAIL ;)

solar3308d ago

the article is best waste timing. not worst community sites. which, this is one of the worst ive ever seen. if you dont own or worship the ps3 you totally suck. big difference.

FantasyStar3308d ago

Where's N4G? I practically piss away my day at this site.

Charlie26883308d ago

That FAIL Blog one is HYSTERICALLY funny XD

no_more_heroes3307d ago

that is all I'm gonna say. I had to force myself to close the tab cuz I would have laughed myself to death.

silverchode3308d ago


she00win993308d ago

you forget tube8 and spankwire :)

silverchode3307d ago

and at your own risk)

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