Eiji Aonuma explains why BOTW is ‘Open Air’ and aims to provide 'surprises’ with the next Zelda

Eiji Aonuma was interviewed in the June issue of 日経トレンディ (Nikkei Trendy) about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Aonuma explains that when The Legend of Zelda series became 3D; he wanted to make a game that could be played by all players - including those that hadn’t played a 3D game before. Whilst this led to a classic game in Ocarina of Time, this nonlinearity soon became formulaic, hence why Breath of the Wild became ‘Open Air’.

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XiNatsuDragnel524d ago

Expand on open air and make it even better

Nu524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Music is a must
Open air is perfect
Add more traditional dungeons
Retro Studios sould be allowed to tweak the engine a bit
Villages towns and dungeons should have loading screens to produce those separate areas and make a better gameplay experience.

Fyflin523d ago

Woah.... People want loading screens now??

_-EDMIX-_523d ago

Actually agree with almost everything you said with the exception of loading screens I'm not really sure why somebody would want that between areas.

I'm sorry but maybe I don't really understand what you mean you might need to elaborate what you're talking about.

The music in breath of the wild if I believe it's probably some of the worst I've heard in a Zelda game just my personal opinion but I was surprised it wasn't as Whimsical and I really didn't like the majority of it,

I was extremely surprised and upset that the dungeons in this game we're actually pretty bad and nothing like the previous Zelda games so I actually kind of want traditional dungeons back.

I simply want a dungeon that is basically like a cave you go in you would do a crazy map, beat some enemies, beat a mini boss ,get an item or some rupees in move on I'm surprised that breath of the wild didn't really have this which is quite strange.

They definitely have room to grow and I actually kind of want a more traditional Zelda game albeit I do like the open-world I actually simply want it to be maybe half the size or even 1/3 the size as there is just a ridiculous amount of unnecessary space.

The size of the game never really gave me anything...

Uken12523d ago


I think you are kind of wrong. This is a different approach at Zelda. It has a lot of beautiful music throughout the game and it's non-intrusive overworked music is really nice. I agree with you to a point to where there is nothing like Ocarina of Time music but it is also supposed to be very different from OOT. Hyrule Castles music is amazing, and the final boss music is also. The towns have great music. It music reflects that of a Studio Ghibli film/world, which is amazing.

I do agree that the divine beast are the best dungeons in the series but they are very interesting and fun still. But there are areas in the world that are actually a style of dungeon even though they aren't technically dungeons. Like Koholint Island. That Island is a dungeon, it is hard and quite fun. It's a different take on a dungeon and quite an enjoyable one.

That being said, I still agree with you in a way. But I feel that this game offers so much that my "wants" aren't needed to make it any better. It's already an amazing game. It's like saying your delicious cake would have tasted better with a few cherries added on top.
But I would like an approach on dungeons that is a mixture. I would like a random castle that isn't hyrule Castle. Or a tower. I thinks if you found some random tree that took you underground, that would be cool. Another island that is basically a dungeon. And it would be cool if the rewards were outfits or special "repairable" weapons that didn't suck.
I would also like more enemies to return. Like DarkNuts, The tomahawk dogs, Horsehead, Ghoma, and Iron Knuckles.

But then again all this could be used to make a sequel that is better than BotW. So I wouldn't mind that either.

Nu523d ago

Loading for creating that elaborate map and dungeon. The shrines were basically all the same looking, with the only difference being the puzzles inside. Deku tree should've had a traditional dungeon inside.

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Kosic523d ago

If they were to make botw 2 without any changes. I doubt id play it.

Botw had many faults, more faults then I'd like in a legend of Zelda title.

Open air is great and all, but when your world feels empty, lacking in progress and your only real goal is 4 markers on the map. It's easy to over shadow the open air effect.

As I've said on many comments before. Botw for me is a forgetable game, it's not something I'd like to think of a Legend of Zelda title, as it's my favourite series.
I'm just not a fan of "here's very ability. Attack the world as you please."

TheGamez100523d ago

Same here, loved the game but it is pretty forgettable since it wasnt really huge on story, characters were meh, world did feel a bit empty, and minimal parts of the game that really grabbed your attention. Which were many of the things previous titles had like twilight princess and wind waker. Now only if they can bring these back and deliver the same or better gameplay, that would just make me go nuts.
But I expected this since they wanted to break conventions and had a new director and devs on the game. Hopefully theyve learned much from this experience and just keep improving on their next games.

_-EDMIX-_523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

I'm sure they're definitely looking to change specific things.

The fact that Zelda is even taking in Progressive ideas from other RPGs tells me that the team is actively listening to feedback to tweak the game.

Previous Zelda's literally released almost tone-deaf to Consumers sort of how you got the low sales from Skyward Sword.

Breath of the wild since its Inception was very clear that they were listening the fact that they were out here taking inspiration from all modern RPGs showed that they were definitely listening to change.

So I believe it is very likely that the sequel to breath of the wild will very likely continue this Progressive change so I believe you're going to hear better music you might find Better Dungeons and I'm hopeful that they bring back the roll and hook shot.

I actually agree with you though I actually very much want I returned to its traditional format I actually don't think the whole go anywhere do as you please fits this series.

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XbladeTeddy523d ago

It's a good evolution, but it also lost what a Zelda game is. It's my least favourite Zelda game but a fantastic game in its own right. And, no, I'm not some old grump who hates changes to my favourite things, I embrace change and evolving things but don't lose the identity of a Zelda game in the process.

The 10th Rider523d ago

I mean, I don't hate it as a Zelda game . . . But it definitely isn't my favorite.

I think it did a lot of things right, but to make the next one even better they need to take what made older Zelda games great and merge it with what made Breath of the Wild Great. There needs to be legit dungeons with items and epic boss fights. There needs to be areas of the overworld you can't get to without those items. It needs more of a story. It needs random pieces of heart in the overworld (orbs are basically the same thing as pieces of heart, but every single dang one is in a shrine, there's no creative hidden chests with pieces of heart).

I feel like Breath of the Wild is an amazing game and it deserves the praise it got, but I have to admit if the next Zelda is the exact same way I will be disappointed.

EddieNX 523d ago (Edited 523d ago )

BOTW is amazing, the open air aproach was refreshing. Really nice change for the series. Next time, big traditional dungeons and a heavy story but a similar aproach. For what is though BOTW is basically perfect.

_-EDMIX-_523d ago

I mean I agree with you that the approach is refreshing but it's very clear that they are some things they need to fix a definitely a change in regards to going back to traditional Dungeons and more focus on actual story.

You actually sound like you're saying a lot of what other people who played breath of the wild have stated even after playing it for about 20 hours or so my biggest complaints seem to mirror lots of other users.

I didn't like the music ,I thought how the story was told was definitely questionable and could have been done better and I definitely was surprised that there wasn't really a focus on traditional dungeons.

I also want the roll back and the hookshot.

So that doesn't sound perfect to me, that simply sounds like it's not there yet.

It's hard to bring up a list of suggestions in terms of fixes for the next Zelda game while also trying to pretend as if breath of the wild was perfect, because all this is actually showing is there's a lot of users that actually have a series of issues with the game that they're just of now bringing up.


A lot of what was said in this thread was said by a lot of users who are saying they questioned the Perfect Score ,a lot of you guys are doing nothing but corroborating what some of those same users have stated which is actually quite funny.

So my biggest problem was the dungeons structures and I didn't really care for how the story was told.

But I'm sure you could understand since you agree with that at least to a degree.

Istolla523d ago

Other than bigger dungeons (or more beasts), the game is perfect for me. I loved the music, the combat, and most of all the exploration.

I found a stable, and village that I somehow missed in my first play through.

The 10th Rider523d ago

This is kind of random, but my brother was playing earlier today and we were talking about what sorts of beasts they could add. Imagine dodongos roaming the overworld. Maybe a Ghoma or two in the fire region. Darknuts could make a return. And best of all: Imagine if there was a rare enemy that was in a tornado, kind of like the whirlpools in Wind Waker. That'd be amazing.

Istolla523d ago

The 10th Rider I love the way you guys think.

522d ago
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