Rock Band 2 for Wii to Feature DLC

Kombo writes: Earlier today, USA Today ran a story about the game in question, wherein they erroneously reported that the Wii version would not receive the coveted DLC. This has since been corrected, but regretfully, other sites have since then been parroting the incorrect information.

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Silogon3438d ago

I am shocked nintendo would even allow this game to come out, since they are pushing their absurd "wii music" gag so hard. Nintendo are known Nazi's anyways. Look back on the 80's and see how they rimmed jobbed all of the 3rd parties. Making them enduce the cost for making games on a nintendo system, not to mention holding the rights to "Said" code so they couldn't make the "same" game on another system. That's why the master system always had the arcade versions of the same game and Nintendo usually had a ground up version.

typical Nazendo.

TheColbertinator3438d ago

In all my years of gaming I have never heard anyone speaking so disrespectfully of Nintendo.But then again,you are trying to piss of everyone in n4g.

On topic:Hooray for Wii owners.Congrats

VF34EJ253438d ago

Nintendo was golden with the NES/SNES/N64/GC. Today they are magic wizards who don't make video games anymore but come out with weird magical things like Wii Music and will sell millions of copies.

Voiceofreason3437d ago

I dont know which is more pathetic. You pulling up something from 30 years ago as if it had any relevance today, or your inability to comprehend the fact that Nintendo did all that after the crash to help protect the market. Let me clue you in on another thing you seemed to miss. They only did that with the NES. Many Snes games were also on the Genesis. They were just trying to keep the market stable and as they learned more bout it they became way more lenient with their rules.

KobeT243438d ago

WohOoooooooooooooooooooo!!O!O! JO!O!

I got the LBP Beta!!!!