How many times does Capcom want you to buy Resident Evil?

Symbiote Studios: "Another one appears to have bitten more than it can chew, Capcom have announced yet another edition of the original Resident Evil story, a port of the remake of the Resident Evil you played back in 2002 or in some cases 12 years…on the Gamecube or Playstation if we're talking about the original…which you can pick up second hand at pretty much any videogame retailer and play it on your Wii, carries a pretty cheap price tag too. It does beg a certain question, why port a game you can already buy cheaper and play on the same system? Oh and let's not forget the DS version!"

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rbnkm7063582d ago

Well it's obvious that Resident Evil will sell on the WII. So, where's RE5? RE4 had only been out a couple of yrs before it graced the WII this Remake is already 6yrs old and more importantly it's 12yr old game. Capcom, we love your support but, give us something we really want.