Fable 2 Missing Online Co-Op At Launch

More bad co-op news. It appears Fable 2 will be launched sans the online co-op mode that was originally promised, but much like the recently announced news of Little Big Planet's missing feature, it will be patched later.

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nice_cuppa3524d ago

why are gamestudios saying there games are gold (finished) when their not ?
Fable 2
Whats next ?

Pebz3524d ago

I'd guess that both MS and Sony want to make sure their respective games hit the scheduled release date, 21. October.

However much the fanboys want to argue about which one is best, both titles are huge, and will more or less keep each other at bay. Either getting delayed is ample reason for many to buy a console for the other I'd imagine.

Monchichi0253524d ago

Oh well, at least I hope it gets patch by the time i beat it in a single player mode.

soljah3524d ago

are you trying to compare fable 2 to the epic lbp


Bathyj3524d ago

Who cares, its a single player game. Co-op can come later.

I wouldn't mind if it was unlockable after you completed it already. At least you would know whoever you play co-op with, knows what he's doing.

El_Colombiano3524d ago

Ouch, so Core users are shafted again?

MazzingerZ3524d ago

LBP's SP co-op is still there, the only co-op that will be missing at launch is for the level creator.

power of Green 3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Is this even true?

Pebz3524d ago

Had you properly read my post, you would have seen that I wasn't comparing games quality wise, but rather significance wise. Both games are highly anticipated, and had either been released without competition, they would have shifted significantly more consoles.

Whichever will be "best" is atm based mostly on speculation and hype, and is more importantly purely subjective. Personally I hope both games live up to their hype, and more, promoting innovation in gaming, rather than a sales win for "insert favourite company here".

Fanboyism really can make one blind...

AAACE53524d ago

It's already on the LBP and Fable 2 disc, but they locked it up so that people will play the games the way they think they should be played before they release the..."PATCH!"

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bomboclaat_gamer3524d ago

i dont mind. i wouldnt wanna play that online. fable is more of a single player experience to me

bapenguin3524d ago

I'm really not liking this trend.

Fishy Fingers3524d ago

This or a delay. At least this way you can still experience the game, you'll just have to wait a while for co-op.

jackdoe3524d ago

Fair enough. As long as it is patched in within a reasonable time frame, I see no problem with it.

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