Want guaranteed access to CoD: WaW beta in the UK?

GAME have announced that they're offering guaranteed access to the Xbox 360 Call of Duty: World at War beta to UK customers that pre-order the game.

In an email sent out to customers the company are offering "a whole month of early access to the Online Beta" to anyone that pre-orders the game from them, and with the game due out on the 14th November, we're taking that to mean the beta will kick off within the next couple of weeks.

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Fishy Fingers3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Pre-ordering to get into a beta? Developers seem to be getting this twisted, betas are run for their benefit, it's not something that should be used for enticing sales or money out of people.

Beta seems to becoming just another word for demo, with them being run so close to launch dates, leaving little to no time to actually implement changes. No more than stress testing.

Anyway, I wont be pre-order so nor will I be in the beta I guess :/