GameSpy: WipEout HD Review

Although WipEout HD nails all of the core game mechanics and absurd agility that made its predecessors successful, it lacks a couple of bells and whistles that its most recent progenitors introduced or improved. The lack of an Elimination mode constricts the variety of gameplay and no additional skin-editing functions is irksome, but these issues don't prevent WipEout HD from doing what the franchise does best: go really, really fast.

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Cajun Chicken3557d ago

They'd be CRAZY not to do it. Astounding game.
Amazingly beats the value, design and quality of Bionic Commando: Rearmed.
This will cause interesting repercussions for downloadable console games in the near future. No more halfassed games, folks. They will be named and shamed next to WipEout HD.

Its going to be a great gen and its looking like DL'able games are ones to look out for.