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Good Old Games, the new games service from CD Projekt (The Witcher), is now in beta and Blend Games was fortunate enough to get an invite. As you may know, GOG sells classic games from the nineties for six to ten bucks with no copy protection - but which games?

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Charmers3705d ago

This is an interesting idea and should do well if they stick to their promise of being DRM free and ensuring games work with modern hardware. There are a couple of titles on there that interest me and most can be had for the price of a sandwich.

It is pathetic that some developers are still clinging to the DRM though, I mean these games have gone past their used by date so why in gods name still protect them with DRM, it just doesn't make sense.

pcgia3704d ago

I am in the beta, just haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet. Very cool site!

EvilCackle3704d ago

Yeah, I haven't bought anything yet, either. Maybe I'll pick up Fallout Tactics. Still got my old Fallout 1 and 2 CD's.

NegativeCreepWA3704d ago

Its a good website I'm in the beta. If you buy a game you get one free I was able to get both fallout 1&2 for $5.99.

Johnny_Cojones3704d ago

I got that deal with the Fallouts as well. I think it's on all the Interplay games that they carry, if you had signed up for the beta before it launched.

IsolatedMonk3703d ago

I lucked out and stumbled into the beta, downloaded Fallout 1 and Giants, and must say that the tweaking they did makes both games look and run great on Vista. Fallout, as old as it is, scales very well to modern LCDs, and the sound is crisp and atmospheric. Services like this and Steam are the best things to happen to PC gamers in a long time.