IGN: LittleBigPlanet Beta Codes Giveaway

We have a few thousand beta codes to hand out, and since there are only so many of us in the office, we might as well give them to you, our faithful readers.

Getting a code is pretty easy, but not as simple as hitting "Send" on a form email. See, Sony doesn't necessarily need to test for the number of people online, but rather what happens when a ton of people create a bunch of cool content.

So, to get a code, simply hit the email link below ([email protected]) and send us your idea for a level. It could even be a sentence or two. So long as we see that you're interested in creating something, we'll probably send you a code. Note that we don't have an infinite supply, so it's based on a first-come-first-served type deal.

Note that the subject line must read LBP Beta Code or your submission won't get read.

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DarkBlade3582d ago

Well I send my email through along with My level idea. Now we play the waiting game.

spec_ops_comm3582d ago

Thanks for posting NDN_Shadow.. This will be my best chance at getting a code - I was lucky to be on N4G at the right time! :)

MikeGdaGod3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

i kinda surprised though, i've been in every beta from the beginning. i've been in Home for over a year now.

i thought they would've sent me a LBP code by now.

NDN_Shadow3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

No problem. I just feel kinda bad since I'm kinda giving away chances t0 all of my friends on the IGN boards. But it would end up on N4G eventually, so....

EDIT: IGN's Chris Roper posted this on the Insider boards:

And FYI, I'll be sending out a bunch today before I head home, and then resuming on Monday. But if you've already sent an email, you should get a code in the next couple hours (I have to send them out manually).

DarkBlade3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Im happy it first comes first Serve. Sorry for people that weren't here earlier or at work. Im a Ign user. I been a member for a year already.

Asphyxiate3582d ago

Yeah thanks NDN_Shadow. You informed us all nice and early so might be in a chance this time. Thanks mate.

jwatt3582d ago

I hope I didn't ruin my chances I had to re-send my email because I didn't have LBP Beta Code for the subject line. So you guys want to share what your ideas was for the levels?

sandip7873582d ago

i sent 2 emails aswell, so we're both in the same boat!
my first idea was a 'forts' idea where each player has a fort and a catapult to take the other guys base. (not very original i know)
my second idea was basically a space level full of rockets and flaming meteorites and UFOs etc (again, not very original. i wanted to keep it short so i could send it off ASAP!

jwatt3582d ago

sandip787 lol my idea was based off the worms game where you use cannons to take out other peoples territories. We must have watched the same level with the cannons and gotten inpsiration from the same level.

sandip7873582d ago

haha! yeh i cant wait to try to make it. we should team up and create an uber worms level lol. BTW i loved worms! (armageddon was my fave)
great minds think alike eh?

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dbf3582d ago

Nice, this is probably the easiest way to get one yet.

the fox3582d ago

email sent, lucky break i saw the post before it was approved. Lets hope for creative times.

poopsack3582d ago

who ever doesnt want to use entourage or anything the email is [email protected], just send in your idea, hurry hurry.