Two New Metroid Games Being Developed by Retro Studios and Climax Studios [Rumor]

According to popular Nintendo YouTuber, SuperMetalDave64, two new Metroid games are currently deep into development for Nintendo Switch, with at least one being highly likely to be shown at E3.

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XiNatsuDragnel223d ago

Cool Prime 4 and new Metroid Ip That's what I like.

Kaneki-Ken223d ago

Or or an actual Metroid Fusion sequel

MetroidFREAK21221d ago

You do not understand how much I want that over a Prime 4... I would cry and probably die of happiness :p

TheOttomatic91221d ago

@Kaneki-Kun I hope so too, unpopular opinion but I've always enjoyed the 2D Metroid games (and Metroidvania games in general) over the 3D ones. Hell I wouldn't mind a 2.5D title from Retro as that what they have done with DKCR series.

DanteVFenris666221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I thought the metroid community hated fusions? Because of its linearity and loss of metrovania deseign?

Cool concept, but the gameplay wasn't up their with zero mission or super metroid.

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DarthZoolu221d ago

Hell Yeah, if they want me back as a customer this is the right move.

pcz220d ago

nintendo never give us what we want. yeh, we might get 2 metroid games, but it will be something like ...

metroid: prime pinball

play pinball on machines inspired by various plnets in the metroid universe

metroid: samus' style boutique

dress samus in various fashionable outfits, do her hair and makeup

Nu221d ago

Metroid Prime should be a mainstay.
Retro created a believable world and it needs to continue.

MetroidFREAK21221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I absolutely adore the Prime trilogy of games. Some of the finest games I played growing up. Getting Metroid Prime w/ my GC in 2002 (age 11), Metroid Prime 2 on release day in 2004 (age 13) and playing Metroid Prime 3 nearly all the way through in like 3 days in 2007 and then purchasing the game for my birthday in October 07 (age 16)... I grew up with these games. They are a major part of why I love gaming. The worlds Retro managed to create were amazing, and I'd gladly go back and play them over anything else in the world at this moment. I really do think they should create a Prime 4 like how 343 created Halo 4. A new start, new planets, a new threat. Would be awesome to see everything from Samus' eyes again. We are long overdue for a traditional Metroid title, and I feel Retro is our best bet at this for now.

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CorndogBurglar221d ago

My pants just got tight.

I will go buy a Switch for a new Metroid.

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Neonridr223d ago

dear lord.. please be true. Can't wait for another entry in the Prime world.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Why wouldn't it be.
Nintendo already talk about there being a 3D and 2D Metroid like year or two ago when asked about the future of Metroid

PhoenixUp221d ago

Nah Metroid Prime already died at the end of Corruption. There's not much you can legitimately do in that subseries besides beat a dead horse for brand recognition. I'd rather a new Metroid game that takes place after Fusion

Neonridr221d ago

fair enough. I can totally go with a new story. As long as it is in the same vein as Prime (first person) then I am cool with that. I love the 2D Metroids, but leave that to a smaller studio to handle.

Nyxus223d ago

That would be awesome!

MakiManPR223d ago

If Nintendo was inspired by Skyrim on BoTW they should look at Mass Effect Andromeda for Metroid. Of course not the crapass animations.

wonderfulmonkeyman222d ago

I'd prefer they didn't. The two may both be sci fi, but they couldn't be more different in style outside of the viewpoint and shooting.

Ristul221d ago

I would rather they take inspiration from Dead Space, make the game a bit creapy and scary, isolating you on a space station or something and have the enemies be more dangerous.

BrandanT221d ago

Ristful, that setting has been in Metroid before. All of Metroid Fusion practically had Samus isolated on a space station. In Metroid Prime 3, you visit a destroyed space ship.

Ristul221d ago

BrandanT: Yes, but Metroid have never felt scary, I think they could ad a lot of tension by going that rout. Yes we have been isolated before, but it always felt more lika an adventure then anything close to Dead Space.

remixx116221d ago

I'd love for them to just stick with what made the first metro is prime one of the greatest games ever.

It's up there with Socom 2, shadow of the colosus, orcarina of time and halo

wonderfulmonkeyman221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

Not scary?
Have you ever been cornered by the SA-X in fusion?
It's the closest Nintendo's come in years to Aliens Isolation, for an action game that isn't deliberately horror-based.XD

Ristul221d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman: I did play fusion, I also played Super Metroid and Prime 1 + 2, and while I loved those games and still do to this day, I never felt scared while playing them. Maybe it's just me ;)

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big_dom_strikes_back221d ago

Why would they want to take inspiration from those games, when they should just take inspiration from the original Prime games, which, to this day, are still absolute masterpieces as far as game design goes. Metroid is, and always should be, its own thing. Other games should be inspired by it, not the other way around.

The 10th Rider221d ago

Well, I think they should take inspiration from Bioshock, Doom, and Dead Space. Prime is fantastic, but it IS fifteen years old and most of the original staff are gone. I don't think they should aim for a direct Prime sequel. They should make a spiritual successor that takes what made Prime great and bring it into the modern era, sort of like how Breath of the Wild took what made Zelda great and took it into the modern era by bringing in elements of other popular RPGs.

MakiManPR221d ago

You take inspiration from others not yourself right?
And those games are damn old and outdated. And by outdated I meant that theres nothing in they that hasnt been improved in other games.

kevnb221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

there wasn't much inspiration from Skyrim at all. If anything it was inspired by the original Zelda and they stated Minecraft and Terraria as inspiration.
That being said with Metroid they should look at what their goal was with the original and fully flesh it out. It would be kind of cool if they took inspiration from the amnesia games to add a little tension.

MakiManPR221d ago

No. They stated that they took inspiration from Skyrim several times

kevnb221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

they didnt actually, they mentioned it once.
The people that kept mentioning skyrim dont work for nintendo and have nothing to do with the game.

EddieNX 223d ago

Id love if you could fly Samus ship at a similar level to Elite Dangerous, but with like just a few planets.

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Last_Boss221d ago

That's exactly what would be great to add.

remixx116221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I like the idea, kinda like how ratchet and clank a crack in time let you fly your ship manually to reach other planets while allowing you to detour to small asteroids, moons and side planers.

Metroid could benefit adding that to their core design.

EddieNX 221d ago

yh but with the full on realism of Elite Dangerous, which is probably the best space flight game.

remixx116221d ago

I've never played elite dangerous, tho sadly I must confess I did play no man's sky......

I'm depressed now.

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