ThumbBandits: Amiga Retrospective

ThumbBandits writes:

"Although that makes for a depressing read it is now that we examine the good stuff as we take a look back at the wonder that was the Amiga computer. In this instance we'll examine the Amiga 500 and 1200 models as these are the machines that became popular amongst gamers and computer users alike. What made the Amiga special to me is simple, it was more than just a computer, to sound a little schmaltzy it worked as the hub of a social life where all Amiga users stood under the banner of a shared understanding, that we all owned the BEST home computer available.

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Charmers3432d ago

Whole heartedly agree there, the amiga era gave me some of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. In many ways I miss the Amiga, it was a sad day when I turned my Amiga A1200 off for the last time and turned my Pentium 1 PC for the first time.

Knowing what I know now it was inevitable that the Amiga was never destined to last forever, it would never have kept up with the PC interms of power or user base. It was a wild ride whilst it lasted and I consider myself lucky to have been there to experience it. I miss the Blitter, Fat Agnus, Paula, Denise and of course H.A.M (Hold and Modify).