European launchdetails delayed!

All those European fans who thought tomorrow would be d-day, I've got bad news. Sony will not release the launchdetails for Europe tomorrow, put probably by the end of the week.

Quote from ThreeSpeech:
"…But don't worry - that doesn't mean the launch itself is being delayed! Word from Sony is they're still finalising a few details, meaning the announcement is more likely to be made Thursday or Friday of this week now. (And we're sticking with the previously mooted March 23 launch date as 99% certain!)"

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UMC4019d ago

Could it be that Sony have decided for a last minute change on prices or something else?

BIadestarX4019d ago

Are they delaying the anouncement for the delay?

R34GTR4019d ago

I read what you wrote atleast 4 times till i got it. lol ahahaha

Bebedora4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

...just a flamebait. *yawn*

zonetrooper54019d ago

Hopefully they see that the console is very pricy in the UK and that i hope they lower it down to at least £350 which would be awesome.

kingboy4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

Try translating these news before posting mate

CAPS LOCK4019d ago

i agree with zone tropper, hopefully they will decrease the price significantly, i hope its 300 or 350...

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The story is too old to be commented.
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