Mercs 2 Free PC Demo Available Now

Ripten writes:

"We just got a press release from EA announcing that Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is available right now in PC demo format via fileplanet, ign, gamespy, as well as several other sites.

The demo is just a sample of what the full game has to offer in terms of size, but EA hopes that it will wet your appetite for destruction. Full press release available after the jump."

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Johnny_Cojones3671d ago

It was kind of underwhelming, but I wouldn't say it sucks.

it's pretty fun in a big, stupid, Micheal Bay kind of way.

Fr0ZzZeN3671d ago

It was fun for 5 minutes...Alot like another much hyped sandbox game.

TheIneffableBob3671d ago

As opposed to a demo that you pay for?

zozol3671d ago

"Mercs 2 Free PC Demo Available Now"

Yippe its for FREE 4 FUN ;) Thank YOU EA for FRREEEEEE demo !!! Does it have DRM ;)

Charmers3671d ago

I imagine most PC gamers already tried the free erm "demo" shall we say and probably came to the conclusion the game was a travesty. The gameplay was dull and boring, the bugs unforgivable, the resolution support was atrocious and just generally it was a sorry excuse of a port. I really do not know why they bothered, next time if you aren't going to put the work in then don't bring this kind of crap to the PC because you won't see my money for it.

Charlie26883671d ago

Well if you thought the Console version had problems don't even go close the PC version and lets not even go into actual port problems like the horrendous video options like that not working AA and ridiculous supported resolutions

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