Behold: The Dark Knight Limited Edition Blu-ray Bat-Pod

The Dark Knight is on for December 9 and a Bat-Pod display stand will come with a limited edition Blu-ray set.

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rene_eduardo3585d ago

will this movie be in fullscreen or with the blackbars

GameDev3584d ago

it depends on what frame format it was shot in, either way it will be the closest you can get to seeing it in the theater without actually going.

Jinxstar3584d ago

Normally it reads whatever your TV size is and fits it to that. Be it full or wide. However that all depends on the age of your TV i.e. over a few years it will probably have black bars. If you have an HD TV though it will size itself to fit your screen properly.

Apostle3584d ago

Yeah, it depends on which format it was shot in. For example the Imax preview of The Dark Knight which was on the Batman Begins Blu Ray, was full screen. Hopefully The Dark Knight will also be in this Imax format, as it looked much much better than with the black bars. I would even go as far to say it looked crisper on my TV than in the cinema. The picture was grainy and blurry at the cinema.

GameDev3584d ago

blow that bluray up to the size of a theater screen and the image would become a little soft too. That's just physics, at that screen size a pixel is probably the size of the tip of your thumb.

QuadHD would be a more appropriate resolution for cinema.

Angrychinchilla3584d ago

Well it says 2.4:1 ratio so expect pretty hefty black bars

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maggotmx3585d ago

Very nice liking the batpod not so sure about the case tho. i like uniformity so the case would be awkward next to my other blurays

DavidMacDougall3585d ago

The cover front cover suks and the bike is stupid good thing the movie is amazing

Aclay3585d ago

I can't wait for Dark Knight to to come to Blu-ray. As soon as it's avaliable on for pre-order, I'm pre-ordering it. Not quite sure if I'm getting the Limited Edition yet though (depends on the price).

dj_funky3584d ago

joker's gonna be 100X freakier on blu-ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.