Digital Fiasco Episode 31: Trademarks are a Pain in the Æ

Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard talk about Trademark law, Praey for the Gods, and how Steam just gave G2A the world's biggest middle finger. All of that and more on this episode of The Digital Fiasco Podcast.

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*This episode of The Digital Fiasco Podcast was recorded live on location at Girls Costume Warehouse

Time Codes for Episode 31: Trademarks are a Pain in the Æ
(2:23) Dandr0id plays Rain World
(10:34) Dandr0id returns to Metro: Last Light Redux
(18:17) Jack McBastard plays Shock Tactics
(23:11) Jack McBastard plays Prey (2017)
(35:23) Discs, Downloads and DLC
(42:25) E3 Hype (Superbowl vs The Draft)
(48:12) Darksiders III officially confirmed (and involuntary marketing)
(51:42) God of War (2018)
(56:42) Quick Hits: Persona 5 tops PSN's downloads for April
(57:06) Quick Hits: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sells 2 million copies in its first month
(59:10) Quick Hits: Mafia III DLC "Stones Unturned"
(1:02:14) Quick Hits: Sledgehammer almost did Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2
(1:03:17) Quick Hits: Red Barrels acknowledges that Outlast 2 might be "a bit too sadistic"
(1:05:04) Bethesda knocks Praey for the Gods on its æ (Trademark Law 101)
(1:16:50) Arkane wouldn't work on "Return to Ravenholm" if it was offered today
(1:20:00) Valve has a gift for pissing off G2A
(1:25:29) Nintendo's forecast for Switch sales is bullish
(1:30:55) Xbox Insiders getting test update that causes factory reset
(1:35:42) Phil Spencer talks about Sea of Thieves in the most boring way possible
(1:47:26) The Options Menu: New Game Plus
(1:48:24) New Game Plus: Starfox 64
(1:56:45) New Game Plus: Mass Effect Trilogy

BONUS: List of games set in the Vietnam War