Gears 2 Playable During Game U Tour Across 20 College Campuses Starting Next Week

Ripten writes:

"If you want to play Gears of War 2 before the games official release date, and you happen to be near one of the twenty major college campuses outlined after the jump, then Best Buy and friends have just the thing for you.

Starting next week, the "Game U College Tour" will be making its way around the country giving gamers the chance to go head to head in a Gears of War 2 Wingman Challenge.

The tour is free of charge to the general public, but as I typed up the tour schedule, it became clear that the furthest east this tour will be hitting is Michigan. So if you live any further east than that, you are out of luck. Apparently Penn State is not a "major college campus".

Full press release as well as tour information available after the jump."

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midnightninjas3733d ago

i live near UofM me and my wingman (no i am not gay) are going to play and rock the house GO BLUE

Nostradavis3733d ago

still no reason for the tour to not make its way further east.

artral163733d ago

i live in seattle washington and this is where bill gates frm and we cant get a tour here dang wats going on