Resistance 2: Dynamic Water Features Part 1 of 2

FDJV: Video part 1 (no sound), water is near the end.

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Blademask3733d ago

I think its more dynamic than uncharted, but Uncharted's looked more real graphic wise.


chaosatom3733d ago

The ripples looks really good and There is also a lot of detail underwater, which is missed in most games.

Also, I am glad that they made a new life system and the life isn't depended on health rations.

LinuxGuru3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

No, uncharted is still the most realistic water by far.

Do some research about how the water actually animates in Uncharted...there's a lot to it.

And, I didn't really see any real-time world or effect reflections in the water in R2.

And I didn't see hale's gloves getting wet from the water either.

jcfilth3733d ago

What I like about your comments is that they put a PS3 axclusive versus a PS3 exclusive.
We got an awesome machine!! only on PS3!

FantasyStar3733d ago

But it's ok, PS3's getting there. I've yet to see rain effects better than GeoW.

uie4rhig3733d ago

i didn't know you can swim in R2 :)

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cahill3733d ago

Resistance 2 is undoubtely the best looking shooter on consoles for 2008

It is definitely best shooter of 2008

SpecialSauce3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

copied gaylo with the water idea and the invisible enemies(which suk). graphics are nice but they're copying waaay to much. also game looks really boring. many people with the beta agree with me. the water graphics BTW were not that good honestly wats so nice about them? there is practicly no ripples and when u go under it just changes color. and when his head went in and out of the water really fast u can see a bright blue line in between. great but when u run next to leafs they don't bend like in uncharted or I HATE TO SAY IT gaylo. the game online mode better not be like the BORE FEST in the first.

Kami3733d ago

Copy from halo. lol
f*ckin X-troll go kiss my ass.
you fail at trolling and you fail at everything
If you said the invisibility thing was copied from the predator movie ill have to agree but you are just stupid.

KiddyBrownTurd3733d ago

LOL, this game is CLEARLY trying too hard to be Halo.

pooooooooor turdstation COPY CATS.

angry_xbot3733d ago

Halo steal concepts from Resistance and the xbot kiddies think Resistance want to be like Halo, people its LOL time.

Resistance 2 water is so realistic, it splashes and moves in your direction. NOTHING like the fake water found in Halo.

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JustinSaneV23733d ago

That water was MIND-BLOWING! WOW!

Cartesian3D3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

but I think Naughty Dog helps them to simulate water..(because it looks alittle similar)

anyway it looks absolutely gorgeous ,all visuals improved over early E3 show ,to name a few :
GORE effects
Dynamic rang
water effects!!
details on design
.. etc

the only thing resistance needs is : motion blur, more depth of field

damnwrx3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

They just need to bring it out, as in NOW......

xhi43733d ago

motion blur man it looks mad

not sure about depth of field though?

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