9.0 - Burnout Bikes Reviewed

Gamebrit review the recently released Burnout Paradise Bike add on. Making an already awesome game, even better!

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Silogon3582d ago

I finally got burnout yesterday with the PSN store update and it's really pretty good. The graphics are, for the most part, very nice. I love the way the cars handle. Imagine a GTA game where the city and cars handled like this instead of like you're on a grease track inside a tron machine.

gamebrit3582d ago

Glad your enjoying it, did you grab the Bike update? Sooo much to do in this game!

Cajun Chicken3582d ago

Its great, I've had it for about 4 weeks now, 'took me a while to adjust what I was used to with Burnout Revenge though. Tried activating Showcase mode yet? That mode kicks the arse of 'Crash' in the old games in my opinion.

gamebrit3582d ago

yeah it's odd when you come from playing Revenge, not being able to traffic check no more. And Showtime is fun for sure, but I would have liked a few Crash challenges in there, who knows maybe in a future update?

Silogon3582d ago

You bet I did! I actually went right for the bikes and spent the 1st 2 hours on one, ha! I love the animations and how the bike handles. The graphics, to me, seem better on the bikes than they do in the car even. Burnout is a missed oppurtunity on my part, cause I didn't realise it before hand. I'm glad I came to my senses, though.

gamebrit3581d ago

Haha awesome, yeah the Bikes are a lot of fun. Glad you decided to pick it up.

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