A New Kind of Fear: Silent Hill Homecoming Interview with Akira Yamaoka

With Silent Hill Homecoming due out next week, composer and producer Akira Yamaoka discusses his role and direction for the title. He says that the team is looking to create a "new kind of fear." He also confirms a soundtrack release for the game, and comments on his collaboration with singer Mary Elizathabeth McGlynn. Lastly, he hints that his next project will be his biggest yet, exceeding even the Silent Hill series.

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Silogon3705d ago

The thing I hate about silent hill games is this; they're always spooky, eerie, creepy and unsettling at 1st. Then, as the game progresses, all of them too, they get more unscary and just typical. Like, the town silent hill is eerie enough. it looks pretty good... what I hate is when it turns into hell or whatever it's suppose to be. With the metal grates and stuff. It's stupid and it's boring. all silent hill games do it too. They'll start off looking really sweet, expect for 3 which to my knowledge the whole game was set iin hell or whatever. Lame.

I always turn off Silent Hill games when they make the transition from normal to hell world. boring, bland, uninteresting.