Edge: Is Japan Becoming Marginalized?

Edge writes: "While many things set Sony and Microsoft apart in the East – their Japanese market share, their catalogue of games, their choice of accompanying music (US pop for Microsoft; jazz for SCEJ) – one thing, in the opinion of the disenchanted Japanese gaming media, seemed to unite the console giants: a bias toward the west.

Take as but one example two nearly overlapping media events help by the companies in the same hotel. What happend at these event, and the behavior ot he attendees, was so instructive as to become a microcosm of today's gaming culture in Japan. They warrant looking at in further detail, because unless TGS can ripple the water this is, for better or worse, the disheartening shape of the region."

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CertifiedGamer3464d ago

Today the most dominant is europe, then U.S., then Japan
wow I remember when japan was the first to recieve everything back in the ps1 days now they barely get that loyalty from square-enix.

R_19933464d ago

Japan is but one country, europe is an entire continent and america is a country with 52 states. You can't expect to recieve more sales in hardware or software in japan than the rest of the world since the population is much lower than the US and europe.