Ferrari Project - Preview Info

Here is some insider info about the Blimey Games! title, Ferrari Project.

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360 man3310d ago

he says the graphics are better than gran turismo 5 prologue and it takees racing games graphics to a whole new level

only possible on xbox 360

YoshiMeetsU3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Wait a minute. Is this Ferrari Challenge? If so, then it's already been released on Wii, PS2 and PS3 and got poor reviews.

I remember them making the same claims that it looked better than the GT series and it was completely false.

If it is you might want to edit your comment before you end up owning yourself.

Metacritic- Playstation 3: Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli (2008) 71

If this is a different game then ignore everything I just typed and I hope they do have a GT challenger.

Speed-Racer3310d ago

Does the words Ferrari Challenge and Ferrari project look the same to you... no.... it's a totally different game by a totally different developer... please do research next time.

360 man3310d ago

exclusive racing game on xbox 360 looks better than gt 5 prologue and any other racing game available

360 man3310d ago

i want to see how sony fanboys try and spin this

power of Green 3309d ago

They're going to ignor it hoping it slips by unnoticed, only flooding in if it grabs attention.

power of Green 3309d ago

"Anyway, I was quite shocked how much better this looked than most other titles, nothing on the PC comes close.”

DoctorXpro3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

OMG looks amazing

"exclusive racing game on xbox 360"

exclusive ?

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