Gran Turismo Sport Beta vs Gran Turismo 6 Comparison Videos Show the Evolution of GT on PS4

New comparison videos show the differences between the latest 1.05 beta version of Gran Turismo Sport on PS4, and Gran Turismo 6 on PS3.

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380d ago
freshslicepizza379d ago

Lighting is a lot better, backgroungs have improved, better sounds, screen tearing gone and a lot smoother feel to it. So far so good.

Dee_91379d ago

After 1.05 update, it looks and sound even better

IRetrouk380d ago

Really cant wait for this, didnt get into the beta but theres no way im missing this game.

AspiringProGenji380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Now wait for the Forza fanboys to say otherwise and tell me how bad GT Sport is... I heard they played it already

whitesoxfalife1976380d ago

thats what you want us to say....but we don't, btw night and day ofc sports is the better looking, cleaner and audio is awesome...

AspiringProGenji380d ago

Not really. Just about what I see in every GT article, but I'm used to it already

Movefasta1993380d ago

Speaking of night and day, gt6 had dynamic lighting and 60fps all in one. I wonder why they removed it

ILostMyMind379d ago

To meet deadlines, probably. Maybe it will come in future updates

CernaML379d ago

GT6's framerate suffered pretty hard because of that. Even Project Cars and Assetto Corsa has a pretty bad framerate due to dynamic time and weather.

Liqu1d379d ago

You took the bait by saying "us".

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aconnellan379d ago

You could say the same about the Forza reveal with Digital Foundry's Scorpio analysis

The number of comments that read "well it's not hard, racing games aren't that demanding" was hilarious.

On topic: Sport looks great, and the upgrade over GT6 looks incredible

Raiden379d ago

I like FORZA, and I can say I like how clean bright GT Sport looks, I won't 😊 make any comparisons between the 2 games because I'm a really gamer.

AspiringProGenji380d ago

I truly hope this is the much needed evolution for the series. Last time I read about its focus on competitive racing sim and online, it soundrd really promising. Hopefully Polyphony delivers

rainslacker379d ago

I was a bit concerned about the competative focus of it, because i really don't care about that kind of stuff. But since it appears to have a decent SP mode I'll be OK.

I'd prefer a numbered GT release, but DC still fills a void, and GT should give me plenty of hours of racing to partake in. I plan on getting a nice wheel set up once this game releases. Might be time to start looking into the options.

IRetrouk379d ago

G29 is the way to go bud.

omarja1405380d ago

Amazing details all around, bring on the king of racers.

ONESHOTV2379d ago

Yeah king of racers ? Maybe but definitely not sim

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The story is too old to be commented.