Did Microsoft sacrifice first party studio Ensemble for the Xbox 360 price cut?

Microsoft recently announced the closure of Ensemble Studios. To many, the move was surprising considering how successful the Age series was. Microsoft indicated that the reason behind shutting down the studio was that of a fiscal nature. However, the real reason for closing Ensemble might run as deep as the Xbox 360 price cuts.

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NewSchoolGamer3528d ago

that was really messed up but I guess Microsoft doesn't really care that much.

Halo Wars really doesn't have the same hype it use to have so the price cut is more important than the game being good or not for them I guess.

AAACE53527d ago

It's not about weather MS cares or not, but rather what makes them look better in their investors eyes! We are living in a tough economical time, and people are getting scared about their money. So the logical thing to do was close the studio, retain the games, and try to get as many of the team members to work directly for MS. As long as they have some of the core part of a developer, the games can still be made well.

Almost no studio keeps the same people working on a game or games. People are always coming and going, because they get new opportunities and such.

comm133527d ago

ES brought profits for ms, there was very little turnover in the company and for their hard work they get the cut because they "do not fit in our future plans".

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3528d ago

Yes,just like they will cut down Rare for a 50 dollar price drop

And how they will cut down Lionhead for 50 more dollars.

Microsoft never cared about first party unless they were flops.I can see why Banjo Kazooie 3 is getting most of their support

angry_xbot3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

DESPERATE people do desperate things, folks.

The 50 pricecut is such a desperate move. They couldnt finance it so they cut down Ensembles just like that.

Just think, Ensembles was there before Lionhead, Rare or even Bungie. MS has no loyalty whatsoever and will cut lose just like that.

To them, only one thing counts: beat Sony.
They are losing, so they become angry (20 million blackball campaign since PS3 launched), bitter (trashtalk of the last 9 months) and desperate (cutting off studios and RROD machine).

They are done for. The signs are all there. The signs of the loser.
This pricecut will only spike but like all spikes, its dying down already and when the massive PS3 triple A arrives. Its going to be like the killing fields.

Xbots will drop like flies.

Raoh3528d ago

they have to recoup all that money used to pay for timed exclusives, dlc, breaking exclusivity deals and lawyers to oversee these deals.

it isn't cheap and can cut into profit.

avacadosnorkel3528d ago

Game companies don't automatically love anybody except for Mr. Money.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3527d ago

That's because it's their job at the same time not everyone who has good paying jobs are just there for the money. Someone has to get paid somewhere for their work.

Vecta3527d ago

Oh noes Im surprised they can afford anything because they only make like 20-40 billion dollars a year....

mfwahwah3527d ago


The company maybe, but not the gaming division.

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dirkdady3527d ago

Xbox 360 is Bill Gates portal to get another PC into the living room, it doesn't matter how it gets in there as long as its in there.
That could mean looking at the Wii and shifting most of their development towards the casual market.

Hububla3527d ago

yea right... in order for that to happen micro would have to stop being so cheap and put some PC functionality in their system.. like sayyy a web browser!?? or a standard hard drive... or.... not charging for user created content... and mod support.. no they are not trying to get a PC in the living room.. they are trying to get a cash cow in the living room... sell the system cheap then charge for every other little thing.. no matter how small or ridiculous! nothing is free! its amazing how many people fall for it... plus if you want a pc in ur living room.. just hook up ur PC to ur TV bam... its just that ez

power of Black3527d ago

Well, they never had great games to begin with.

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