TGR's Rumor Killers: New MGS, Fallout MMO, Ghostbusters Published

TGR - "If you're the type of gamer who reads this website, then chances are good that you're pretty excited about the impending release of Fallout 3. The franchise, which is making its console debut, has already seen the hype train go barreling down the tracks, and all that's left is to see if the game can live up the monster reputation its already set for itself.

Surprisingly though, that might not even be the biggest thing in the Fallout universe to get worked up over, as now there is word that Interplay has confirmed suspicions that they are working on a brand-new Fallout-themed MMO."

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Relin3579d ago

Hells yeah, post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMO is just what the doctor ordered in a genre over-populated with dwarves, elves, and magic armor.

cain1413579d ago

Ghostbusters was a good movie, but I'm not sure how the game would work...

aubradley3579d ago

The screenshots of the game look nice, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it live. I want it to be great, but I'm worried about getting my hopes up.