Lower-res TV sales outpace 1080p: hurting Blu-ray?

As Blu-ray Disc sales sputter in the face of low demand, and consumer electronics market experts attempt to explain why the uptake isn't what it was expected to be, the sales of flat-panel televisions that can actually take advantage of the 1080p high-definition video format were actually outpaced by televisions with lower resolution this year.

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avacadosnorkel3435d ago

most people need to keep the day job.

outlawlife3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

the problem is that the price gap between a quality 720p tv and a 1080p tv is really still too large

a lot of people buying HDTV probably don't even know the difference between 720 and 1080 so they go for the more viable options all they want is an HDTV

another problem is the fact that 1080p tvs are often too big for what regular people want

sharp is the only company that makes a 32" 1080p television no other company starts at that size and 32 is a very popular size

not everyone has the viewing room for a 42-56" television, I know for me as much as I would like one that it isn't practical

so this fall I'll probably be purchasing one of the sharp aquos 32 inch 1080p televisions

the industry is really shooting itself in the foot, not everyone wants giant tvs, and quite frankly not everyone can go out and spend 1200-1500 on a new television so they go with the smaller, more practical, and much cheaper 720p no name at walmart

especially in light of the current economy people are looking for the best deal and currently 1080p televisions are not the best deal, and blu ray players are also not a good buy right now for people watching their money

Si-Pie3435d ago

yep and problem is that at 32" that you can hardly tell the difference between 1080p and 720p! So id never pay out the extra for a 1080p 32"!

Vulcan Raven3435d ago

Samsung makes a 32 inch 1080p television.

El_Colombiano3435d ago

Si-Pie, that is not true. I can definitely tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on my 32" Sharp.

Si-Pie3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Actually that is not true if you have compared two 32" TVs side by side like I have at a normal viewing distance! Maybe if your like 1 meter away you would be able see a small difference! Its not just me who says it to if you do some research on the internet! Why do you think very few 32" 1080p TVs are made. Those that are only are done for marketing and basically conning people into thinking its better to sell more TVs! I welcome anyone to do the same and compare the two side by side and see for themselves. Of course its up to you if you want to pay more for a 1080p 32" so your decision and if your happy with it then great! But I can definitely tell you that there is hardly any difference between 1080p and 720p at 32"!

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ViRaL-3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Come Feb 09 Digital Transition is going to take place in the US. So a lot of people are going to buy HDTVs and probaly a blu-ray player to go along with it

outlawlife3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

only the people who are uneducated
and i highly doubt they will buy a $300 blu ray player just because they bought a new tv

people are content with dvds and don't yet find it necessary to have format change, especially when the price of blu-ray movies is still far above standard dvds

you don't need an hdtv or even a digital tuner for the take over

the only people the change affects are those who recieve their television over air, anyone connected to cable, satellite, etc will be completely unaffected

Firstkn1ghT3435d ago

Oh man. It's worrisome how ignorant some people are.

juuken3435d ago

"people are content with dvds and don't yet find it necessary to have format change, especially when the price of blu-ray movies is still far above standard dvds"

And most people would want to make the change.

What makes you think the prices of bluray won't come down in the future or anytime soon?

Despite being a more expensive format, it has had it's success. I'm sure DVD was expensive the first time it hit the market and the prices went down gradually.

outlawlife3435d ago

the key word in my post was "yet"

i didn't say it would always be the case but right now the battle is an uphill one

the general public isn't keen on blu ray yet, and won't be until they can say " i was gonna buy a new dvd player but a blu ray player was only $XX more so i got it instead"

until the point where blu ray reaches a competitive price point the non techie crowd isn't going to jump on it

at the moment players are too expensive and single discs are too expensive, and actually when dvds arrived they were very competitive with VHS prices which is why they grabbed on so quickly

there was instant gratification with the launch of the dvd format, the prices were competitive and everyone was able to enjoy it, where as blu ray is still a little out of reach for some

the prices are still too high, and a lot of people in the world still don't have an HDTV and they aren't going to go out and buy one just for blu ray

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Firstkn1ghT3435d ago

I been saying this from Day 1. Most hidef tv sets are 720p. Why would you want to pay a premium for 1080p discs when your not even going to use it?

sephy 9 2 53435d ago

were just up due to some releases a few weeks ago.

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