PC Gaming Is Dying Blahblahblah

Alec Meer writes:

"Spore has only sold 1 million copies. Warhammer Online has a piffling 500,000 subscribers. Ah well. Might as well call it a day for the old IBM Compatible, eh? Pffffffft. It's been a grand Autumn for PC so far, and with Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 (shut up) also incoming our beloved maths-box's star isn't going to dim any time soon. Two things worth noting about the Spore/WAR (hey, that rhymes!) success though."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3459d ago

The only thing that is dying is 360 gaming

GiantEnemyLobster3459d ago

Continuing to live in their mother's basement since 1995 (TM)

TheMART3459d ago

Well yes, Spore is selling good. But thats just one example. And about the biggest thing to release for a broad public in a long time.

Watch the really low sales on UT3 on the PC for example, or even Gears of War 1 if you want to compare that number to the about 6 million copies the 360 has sold back then with only about 10 mln. systems sold.

PC gaming is pretty much dead on gamesales, besides a few games like Spore.

wAtdaFck3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

UT3 did horribly on its PS3 and 360 ports too. Gears of War is known more as a 360 game and has been advertised as such, and besides, Gears of War (PC) was released a year later after Gears of War (360), so people who wanted to play that game would've gotten a 360 anyway.

And to say PC gaming is dead is still nonsense. The top selling games today are mostly EA's "The Sims," "Spore," and anything with a Blizzard logo on it. In fact, i'm not afraid to say that the most played game today, World of Warcraft with 11 million subscribers, is on PC.

Take that in account in addition of recently released games such as Crysis: Warhead, Warhammer Online, Stalker: Clear Sky, The Witcher: Enhanced, and Spore. Further take into consideration future releases such as Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Empire: Total War, and DemiGod. Don't get me started with multiplatforms.

PC gaming is not dying...again

thor3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

UT3 sold poorly on everything it was released on. I don't quite know why, the reviews were pretty solid. And gears of war 1 released on PC a while after it did on 360. Furthermore, the number of people with high-end gaming rigs is lower than the number with consoles. Spore just happens to be quite low spec.

Edit: wAtdaFck you pretty much said the same as me and beat me to it ;)

lelo3459d ago

@TheMART at Xboxkings

Why don't you think before speaking.

This is funny ... if PC gaming is dying, why are companies still making games for the PC? Wouldn't have they stopped by now?

If it was not profitable, they would simply skip PC games. The PC has more games releases during a year then the PS3, X360 or Wii. The great multiplatform games always arrive at the PC.

VF34EJ253459d ago


It's true companies are still making games for the PC. But in comparison to console game sales, they aren't that great. Which is the whole point of the argument.

Before, the kind of graphics that we see from the 360/PS3 was only possible on a PC back then. But today, people prefer a console that you don't have to constantly upgrade just to play.

Because if graphics was the number 1 determining factor for game sales, then the PS2 would have never hit a 130 million install base. Fact is, it's good software that will sell regardless of what console (with a ratio to the install base).

Spore, happens to just be a very intriguing and high rated PC game. So that's why it's selling well.

Rageanitus3459d ago

1) ut3 did bad on all platforms becuase pc gamers dont really play these types of games nemore, and the multiplayer is too fast for many console players. Sorry but this game is meant for mouse and keybaord... I have ut3 on ps3 and the mouse and keyboard sucks they did something to it to make the movment clunky.

2) ea and actiblizzard are making a tone of money off sims and world of warcraft. Wait till starcraft comes out. I cant picture playing rt's without a pointing device

IN conclusion it is pretty much dead to you just like most console players im pretty sure you never owned a true gaming rig.

This is the samething I hear in the auto industry. many civic owers go on and on saying how their civic is totally awesome and they show it but souping up these econo boxes..... and then the go out and bad mouth bmw and mercedes without experiencing the true refinement of driving.

JsonHenry3458d ago

Just start up steam (free for anyone who wants to download it) and click on the servers button at the bottom.

They have more people playing ONLINE at one point than all the consoles combined.. almost double. And that is just one companies servers.

So don't make yourself sound like an idiot and say that PC gaming is dead/dying.

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bloodshed3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )


that's the same thing i'm saying Lol, pc getting all the same games as them weak ass consoles


iistuii3459d ago

Yeah im sat here playing crysis warhead on a 24 inch widescreen monitor at 1920x1200 with full aa and top settings and it looks amazing. Far cry 2 is next coming with the same sort of settings any console fan can only dream of. I built my own pc and it costs alot less than youd imagine.If you want the best looking games a top end pc is the way to go. Consoles are so limited and very very jaggie games do my head in. Put far cry 2 on console next to a top pc in the same room and its like two completely different games. Pc dead my ass.

Rageanitus3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

always and I MEAN always the same excuse

1) hardware is too expensive and you have to always upgrade.....

too expensive for them but it does not mean there is a market for ppl who buy this wonderful hardware. plus if you shop smart you dont have to ALWAYS upgrade

2) Can't picture myself playing games in front of a monitor....

woopdee doo that is a preference because many of the games I prefer are on the smaller screen... why because I find pc games are designed to have a competivive gameplay mechanics. I play better in mmorpgs, rts's and fps's in front of my monitor vs my 100 inch projector. But wait If I wanted to truly emulate the console experience I can play my fps's games and connect it to a hdtv with xbox 360 controller..... but WHY would i do that when mouse and keyboard is much more responsive.

3) graphics are pretty close to pc ... why should i buy a pc?
This is comments from ppl who dont own video cards that are sub $175 dollars. Very ignorant comment.

In the end there is more money made in the console market because its geared to the casual market of gaming. I love how alot of xbox /ps3 fanboys think they are truly hardcore gamers but a console is really a casual centric gaming machine. They feel to realize that pc gaming is what drives the console market. Without pc gaming hardware will not be as great for the next generation of consoles.

Furthermore console market is only starting to hit hard with FPS games.... something that pc gamers have been playing for the longest time.... pc gaming has refined rts's, fps's and now mmorpgs.

Remember when halo 1/2 came out... the fans were litterly gloating how deathmatch and ctf was so revolutionary... then a year later they changed their statement it was revolutionary for consoles.... no duhhh.

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