Spore's DRM Debacle: Parte Deux

Kit Blanke writes:

"Perhaps it will subdue some of the ruckus about Spore's DRM, but it will not stop the constant irritation with DRM. Amazon downloadable music is DRM-free in response to iTunes DRMed music. Even iTunes offers iTunes Plus music to help ease customer tensions. The fact is the market is moving away from DRM. Yes, by removing DRM it will be easier to steal games or media. But, by the same token, companies will save money by not spending it on a DRM program, costs will be lower, and profits will increase as a result… producing the same result they're looking for: money. Pirating may be a thorn in the side of digital games and media, but as long as companies are focusing on locking down products instead of making good products, consumers will continue to fight back until they get to nail the big guy right between the eyes."

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