X3A: GC 2008: Stormrise Impressions

Dan Webb writes:

"I must say that Stormrise does have a pretty strong story behind it and adding the multi layered concept to the RTS genre is pretty innovative but could be seen as a risky move, especially for a console RTS title. It's the controls that allow it to work so well though and this very thing that will suck you in. Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a hands on, but seeing the action take place and literally physically controlled in front of us was enough for us to go ... "Hold on a minute, they might have something here." Whether it's accessible to the masses is unknown at the moment and we'll have to wait until we get some hands on with it before we answer it. I do know one thing though and that is that we're looking forward to get our hands on a spectre and using that crazy mind control trick on people."

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