Hideo Kojima on 'Logan' vs 'Metal Gear Solid'

'Metal Gear' creator talks about the importance of building universes that never have to end, even when you kill off the hero.

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Ashunderfire86467d ago

I see where the comparison comes from, especially what happened at the in of Metal Gear Solid 4

boomtube1987467d ago

Logan would destroy Solid Snake

Ashunderfire86467d ago

You sure about that? Snake is a badass too!

ANIALATOR136467d ago

It would be close depending on the circumstances but I think Snake would win. He could tranq Logan and be done with him.

boomtube1987466d ago

The Wolverine is near invincible with his healing abilities and strongest metal ever known...Adamantium claws and Skelton. I know they are both fictional characters but if we have to pretend they both came to life and faced off with one another. A sane person would put their money on Logan aka Wolverine. Only the nerd gamers would say Snake would win.

This isnt even a contest. Wolverine would kill Snake, solidus, liquid, Big boss or whatever his name is.

Pantz467d ago

Don't worry, Jessie Eisenberg will be the new Wolverine.

FullmetalRoyale466d ago

Smart money would have been on a tank, versus a man on foot, but we all know how that one turned out. You never know!