10 Best PS4 Horror Games You Should Play Right Now

There's no shortage of scares on Sony's gaming powerhouse, so let's take a look at the best horror games available on PS4 right now.

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Darkwatchman561d ago

Half of these aren't even horror games or just straight up aren't scary like resident evil 4 in this day and age and until dawn and inside? Come on. Dying Light???? What kind of a list of horror games is this

DefenderOfDoom2561d ago

ALIEN ISOLATION is my favorite horror game that i have played on the PS4.

BABY-JEDI561d ago

Alien Isolation is awesome. Maybe getting a sequel 😉 RE7 in VR is my fave. Both are great

561d ago
DigitalRaptor560d ago (Edited 560d ago )

Resi 7, Alien Isolation, SOMA and Outlast are about as good as it gets for me (this gen).